A Three-Way Fight That Ends in an Eight-Story Tumble Down an Elevator Shaft Sounds Like a Hell of a Ride

Some dudes got in a fight on the 8th floor of an apartment complex and fell down an elevator shaft in a wild story.

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Man, some of the stuff that comes across my feed just doesn’t sound real. The state of the world in 2021, I tell ya. Or, hell – let’s be wise here and acknowledge that maybe the world was always this crazy, and that we just didn’t have the internet to fully document the crazy all across the globe. I digress. Today, we’ve got a wild ass story about three dudes that got in a fight on the 8th floor of an apartment complex, busted through an elevator door only for there NOT to be an elevator there, and subsequently falling down eight stories’ worth of elevator shaft before crashing into the ground. YEAH.

Courtesy of WSMV:

It was an all-out brawl between three men, that ended up with them falling at least eight stories.

Injured and trapped, first responders tasked with extricating three men from a fallen elevator managed to get two out from the first floor and one from the second.

I have to know the logistics of this fight. We’re all getting hung up on the elevator part, but the fact that three men were fighting is really bugging me out. Like…I’ve been in a scrap or two in my day. I’ve seen plenty of scraps up close and personal. It always ends up being one on one, or group vs. group. How does a three-way fist fight go? Is it like a WWE-style triple threat match? I just don’t get it.

When the elevator hit the first floor, one victim remained on top of the elevator. The other two crashed through the roof, ending up inside.

DAMN! Not only did they fall eight stories, but two of ’em crashed THROUGH the damn roof. This sounds like a scene from Die Hard or Pineapple Express or something. Are we sure they weren’t filming a movie here in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania? That’s just a wild visual. I mean – there’s no way that you could survive falling from eight stories up and THROUGH an elevator roof, right? This couldn’t have possibly been a total free fall like the article suggests. I don’t know how elevators operate – just not one of the things I’ve needed to learn in my time on this Earth. But, there had to be some sort of cable that was still attached slowing the whole thing down or something, right? You can’t convince me that it was a full-on eight story free fall, or else this is the fucking X-Men we’re talking about here. These dudes are alive, by the way.

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