I Would Like to Nominate This Bowl Among the Greatest Sports Plays of All Time

We're going to the World Indoor Bowls Championship from January of 2020 for a look at one of the greatest sports plays you'll ever see.

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Friend of the brand RHog passed along an incredible tweet, as he is oft to do on the bird app, and I knew right away that this was something we, SoBros Nation, had to talk about this morning. Why? For two reasons – one, it’s just a really sick play…hell, I’d say it’s one of the greatest sports plays you’ll ever see. Two, we have an opportunity to learn something here. At least I learned something new after digging into this clip. Let’s rewind the calendar back to January of 2020, before the world even knew what covid was, and watch Nick Brett bowl what looks to me like a perfect shot.

Man, I don’t know how I went an entire year and a half without seeing this clip. This is right up my alley when it comes to content. I love sports so much – the skill required in playing these games, the hand-eye coordination, the tactics, the competitive spirit. It doesn’t matter what the game is – I love seeing stuff like this. I don’t know about you guys, but I love greatness…that clutch gene that allows people like Nick Brett here to just casually go out there and do the impossible. This is a veritable sports miracle. So, I dug into the backstory of this moment because I wanted a little more context and information on it.

Per The Guardian:

‘About six inches between the two bowls, so there is just room,’ were the words of England’s Greg Harlow as his partner Nick Brett approached a shot. Harlow’s words were met with laughter by the audience at the World Indoor Bowls Championships. However, what followed was a stunning piece of skill, as Brett produced a spectacular shot sliding between the two red balls surrounding the jack. The English duo went on to win the tie with Scotland’s Paul Foster and Alex Marshall 10-6, 6-8, 2-1

For those of you who may not know, the object of this game is to get your ‘bowl’ (the bigger ball) closer to the ‘jack’ (the smaller bowl) than your opponent. Bocce makes for a really fun lawn game at a party, and a really fun bar game with a beer in your other hand. I love it…actually, this reminds me I need to get a new bocce set…maybe I’ll host a SoBros Bocce Championship next year. Anyway, I learned, however, that this is technically not bocce. It’s ‘bowls’ – the important distinction being that you throw the ball underhand in bocce, and you roll it in bowls. How about that? I had no idea. We have learned some things today, and we’re enjoying ourselves doing it. That’s what education is all about. We should open a SoBros school somewhere. Nonetheless, I hope Nick Brett has inspired you all to take in some bowling or bocce at your earliest convenience. It really is a game of champions.

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