Brittany Fernandez reviews her five favorite shorts from the 2022 Chattanooga Film Festival!

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I’m so grateful to have one more year in the books at CFF. And what a year it was! I scoured through so much diverse content, but here are my favorites from the 2022 festival.

CRUISE (2022)

This was a fun, but effective little piece. It had humor, tension, and violence all wrapped up in an enjoyable seven minutes. It literally gives new meaning to the term “dead end job” as the filmmakers knocked it out of the park with this horror comedy. Cruise is currently getting accepted to even more festivals, and has been nominated for a few awards that are very well deserved. The stylish artwork for their poster and promotions really adds to the whole package of the film too. 

DIRTBAG (2022)

What a strange and sweet short film this was. A man is given a bag of soil by a stranger and he can’t seem to part with it no matter how hard he tries. Writer and director Karsten Runquist really had me deeply invested in a story about literal dirt- but that’s what great filmmakers do. Watching this during a weekend full of horror was a nice change of pace, especially since it was so hopeful and charming.


Space Dog Films brings us a claymation short shot during 2020 that really makes you question your day to day work life. I love how craggy the design of the characters were, and how simple the set up was. The use of void empty space added to the dreadful tone of the story. I felt for the the main character Argus, and I didn’t want him to be miserable. I wanted more for him, and it reminded me we should all want more for each other.


I think I watched this one three or four times because it was just that fun. I believe I called it a perfect short film. Based on the novella by Carlton Mellick III, Every Time We perfectly bizarre and entrancing. The production design, CGI, and costumes really sets this one apart, and you are left wanting to explore more of the world created here by the end of it. I would definitely watch a full length feature or even a series set in this story. Bubblegum spider horror..yeah..that’s what I would call it.

GUTS (2021)

Ya’ll, I almost threw up during this one. I have a very high tolerance for gore and blood, and usually the goopier the better, but this was on another level. Fantastic job by writer and director Chris McInroy for making such a wholesome movie about being true to yourself so…disgusting. I can’t be too surprised though because he also had a hand in another CFF favorite of mine, Scare Package. Silly, lovable, and somehow oddly relatable as this being a movie about a guy who’s guts are literally on the outside of his body. 

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