Top 10 Candy Alternatives for Trick-or-Treating

Forget to buy that bag of candy to pass out on Halloween night? Don't worry - Brittany Fernandez has you covered with some stuff you might have around the house that you can pass out instead...

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Unfortunately, sometimes adults get caught up in their mundane lives and forget to buy the crucial bag of candy to pass out on Halloween night. And I know as trick-or-treaters we are all looking to get our hands on those full size Reeses or Snickers. But, here are some alternatives that I think we should also be grateful for should they end up in our candy sack.

Top 10 Candy Alternatives for Trick-or-Treating

10. Loose change – Chances are you can buy some expired candy with loose change and hey, money is money.

9. Coupons- Preferably fast food coupons so you can stop for a cheeseburger on the way home. 

8. Books- If someone hands you some beat up Goosebumps books while trick-or-treating, I would call that a Halloween win. A HalloWIN. 

7. Toys- It’s like Christmas, but on Halloween night. 

6. Bubbles- I’m sure by now Halloween themed bubbles exist,  and who doesn’t have joy in their hearts while playing with bubbles?

5. Snacks- Popcorn, oven pizza, chicken nuggets, Crazy Bread from Little Caesars. Get fueled up before you take on the rest of the neighborhood.

4. Beer- DISCLAIMER: I’m not condoning contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But, beer is great. Bring it home to your dad if you’re underage.

3. Full cans of soda – It’s still sugar, and you don’t have to beg your parents to buy you that liter of Mountain Dew you’ve been craving.

2. Toilet paper- Everyone needs it. It’s multipurpose. Use it to decorate the neighborhood if you are feeling artistic.

1. Cash money- You can’t be upset if someone slides a lil cash in your pumpkin pail on Halloween night.

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