CFB Roundup: Ultimately, They Got It Right

Stoney Keeley weighs in on the 12-team playoff, this year's field, Caleb Williams painting "fuck Utah" on his fingernails, and more in the final CFB Roundup column of the season.

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Let’s dive into the week that was in college football and hit all the highlights on the SoBros Network’s College Football Roundup.

*Big news dropped in between last week’s CFB Roundup and this one, so I’m just getting to it now. We’re rolling with 12 teams in the College Football Playoff come 2024-25. My number was eight (five conference champs, 1 Group of Five rep, and two wild cards), but 12 is better than four, so I’ll take it. I’m cool with the number. I know a lot of folks are awfully riled up over it, but it’ll mean more for more football games. I’m okay with Michigan-Ohio State mattering just a little bit less (which…tell those two fan bases that game’s going to matter less…) if it means Tennessee-Vandy and Penn State-Michigan State also mean a whole hell of a lot more. I might deep dive into this with Steven McCash on the podcast this week, but that’s how I’ll leave it here for now so that I don’t write an entire article in a paragraph in a roundup column.

*I’ve always been a proponent of the “four most deserving teams” and not the “four best teams.” So, with that said, I think the committee got it right this year…2nd year in a row that they have put the teams that deserve to be there in. It might be different if TCU was blown out by Kansas State, but that was an incredible game (sidebar: that’s two Big 12 Championship games in a row that were incredible) that came down to the Wildcats stuffing the Horned Frogs three times at the goal line to gain possession in overtime to go win it. Max Duggan left his heart (and elbow) on the field. It was amazing television. TCU’s resumé always felt a little slept on. I understand the committee wanted to see some convincing wins and didn’t really like how TCU always had to come back and win late. But, they have some damn good quality wins. Regardless of what the eye test tells us, those wins (including one against Kansas State from earlier in the season) count. Now, just to play devil’s advocate….if we were to go with the “four best,” I think we’re looking at a playoff of Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, and Tennessee. *shrugs*

*Also of note – none of our bickering matters anyway, ’cause Georgia’s just going to run through these people. It doesn’t matter who. It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter where. This Bulldogs team is going to roll.

*Boy, that Pac-12 Championship got out of control in a hurry. USC completely collapsed, and I couldn’t help but think, “Caleb Williams….probably shouldn’t have painted “FUCK UTAH” on your fingernails.” This team just had USC’s number, and now they’re going to the Rose Bowl because of it. What a turnaround for Utah…they had that early loss to Florida that put them in a bind early in the playoff race. Their margin for error was 0 after that, and they still went out and lost again. But, this is a tough football team, and they battled back to get to this point. Props. That Rose Bowl is going to be electric.

“Hope you liked it”

*What happens to the Heisman here now? Did Caleb Williams do enough to shit the bed for those voters who did wait until after the championships to cast their ballot? Did enough people vote for him before the championships that he’s got it either way? Can we give Max Duggan some more love even though TCU lost? I feel like this weekend did more to muddy the waters than it did to clear things up. Color me absolutely fascinated to see how this whole things plays out.

*I know Saturday afternoon didn’t exactly go the way the LSU Tigers had hoped it would, but I think you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture here. This program won the SEC West and made it to Atlanta in Year 1 under Brian Kelly. All summer, we talked about the talent this team had, and how it was only a matter of how quickly they could jell. They got there ahead of schedule. This program overachieved and just because Saturday was ugly, it doesn’t mean LSU fans should lose sight of that. Stock is back up in Baton Rouge.

*As expected, the coaching carousel is in full swing now that the regular season is over with. I wrote about Hugh Freeze, the big ‘en, going to Auburn a bit here. I love Wisconsin hiring Luke Fickell – that’s a dude that just gets Big Ten football. Love Matt Rhule to Nebraska – they needed a guy who could completely rebuild the program, and that’s Rhule’s specialty. Jamey Chadwell going to Liberty feels an awful lot like a lateral move, but who am I to judge? Then, there’s maybe the most interesting (in a positive way) hire of all, Deion Sanders to Colorado. There’s a ton of really neat hires for smaller programs that maybe I’ll dive into this week in more detail, but again, this is a weekly roundup column and we’ve already pushed the limits of this paragraph.

*I’m going to be doing a bowl preview in the coming days, but I’ll ask this for the time being: what on Earth did Nashville do to deserve a Music City Bowl between Iowa and Kentucky?

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