Nashville Food Truck Reviews: The Rolling Recipe

If you ever get the chance to grab something from The Rolling Recipe, Stoney highly recommends that you go for it.

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Back in 2020, when the world was shut down and we didn’t leave our houses for three months, I had to get a little creative with my ‘Nashville Reviews’ series. Since we weren’t going out for dinner, my wife and I had a fun little routine of waking up and checking the Best Food Trucks map to see who would be posted up in the neighborhood that day. We’d go for a walk to get some fresh covid-free air, and I’d snap a couple photos and write about the food trucks we visited. I’d always see The Rolling Recipe in the area, and I’d look at the menu and think, “you gotta be kidding me…we have to find this truck.” I’d hear from friends who had tried it, saying I needed to get out and review because it’s awesome. For whatever reason, we just never made it happen. They were never in our neighborhood when my wife and I were lookin’ to get some food truck food. Suddenly, you blink and three years has gone by. Time marches on.

Just shy of two weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of filling in on Football & Other F Words for a live Titans season prediction show at Bluegrass Beverages in Hendersonville (go check that out on YouTube). It was a fantastic day. I knew going into the festivities that there was going to be a food truck or two there, but you can’t even fathom the joy I felt when we pulled up to see The Rolling Recipe parked right next to where we’d be broadcasting. “Finally,” I said to my wife, “the stars have aligned.” So, here we are – a couple of weeks late, for sure, but we’re reviewing ’em nonetheless.

For more on The Rolling Recipe, check out their website here. As a side note, chattin’ with the guys in the truck, we learned that they’ll be opening up a brick-and-mortar spot in the Old Hickory area. It should be open by the end of 2023, and you can bet your asses we’ll be there.


Nashville hot chicken mac and cheese grilled cheese
‘Around the World’ Southern Nachos
Absolutely dying inside because I have to get a good shot with these fries in it instead of being able to eat them.
Zach went with the Southern Bun Mi sandwich, which he said was, and I quote, “so good.”


Food: 8.33/10 – Take notes, aspiring food truck vendors. This is how you design a food truck menu. Decadent sandwiches built with hearty meats and cheeses, sides smothered in toppings, all cooked to perfection. I always say that a good food truck can cure any hangover, and by that logic, The Rolling Recipe might be curing cancer. It was so good – let’s start with those ‘Around the World’ Southern Nachos, because those fries were perfect. A little bit of pulled pork, a little bit of barbacoa, a little bit of chicken…the variety of meat was great, but served on a bed of crispy waffle fries, smothered in cheese and barbecue sauce, and topped with green onions? Get the hell out of here. That’s what creativity in a food truck looks like.

It was such a nice blend of textures, between the crunch of the fries and green onions to the smoothness of the sauce, and the thick richness of the cheese. But, the flavors combined to make a sweet symphony – the hearty traditional meat-and-potato flavor was highlighted by the tang of barbecue sauce and grounded by the rich flavor of that cheese. The green onions counted as a vegetable, so technically, I think this means it was a healthy dish, too. My hot chicken mac and cheese grilled cheese was fantastic too – the chicken was great, successfully capturing the sweet heat of a good “Nashville hot” flavor without being overbearing on the heat. It was grounded in all that cheese too, sandwiched by thick, buttery, sourdough bread that was grilled to have the slightest little crisp to it. I couldn’t have asked for a better sandwich. I was trying everything from The Rolling Recipe I could get my hands on – my wife got a chicken quesadilla and surprise surprise….it was good too.

Value: 7/10 – One of the best value grades I can give, but this food was just so damn good that I had to bump this one up. If this is the best food in the Nashville food truck game, but it costs about the same as everyone else, doesn’t that mean it’s the best value by proxy? Whatever the case, about $25-$30 for a meal like this felt like a steal to me.

Overall: 7.67/10 – I don’t know that I’ve graded out 20 food trucks in this city, and I got big into this during covid when we couldn’t go sit at restaurants any longer, so let me just say that part for context because of what I’m about to say. In my head, this pretty well instantly became my favorite food truck meal in Nashville. Now that I’ve gone back to the rankings and done my grading, that’s backed up with the numbers. The Rolling Recipe is everything you want a good food truck experience to be.


  1. The Rolling Recipe – 7.67/10
  2. Red’s 615 Kitchen – 7/10
  3. Califarmia – 6.93/10
  4. Tennessee Tatercakes – 6.85/10
  5. Hurt’s Hot Chicken – 6.67/10

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