Podcast: The Polarizing Nature of Jason X

Where do we stand on Jason X?

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Well, we’re finally caught up on the Spooky Season episodes of Drinking With…Steven McCash. We’re butting up to our annual Halloween live stream, which you guys can tune into on all of the major SoBros Network social media channels on Saturday night at 8PM CST. We’ll have the gang all together to discuss The Ring! That’s Saturday, but this is today, and I have one more 21-year old horror movie podcast to recap here on the ol’ SoBros Network dot com. On the penultimate episode of Spooky Season on Drinking With…Steven McCash, McCash called in for reinforcements. Our very own Brittany Fernandez joined him on the mics to break down one of the most divisive movies in the horror realm: Jason X.

By and large, I stayed off the mics on this one, but Brittany did make me think I needed to see this movie for myself. I kind of like movies like this that people have such strong opinions about. I always want to know where I’d stand and there’s only one way to find out! Regardless, this was a fun episode to produce as McCash and Brittany dug into why this movie is so polarizing and they discuss what they think of the film themselves. This episode’s drink of choice is the Voorhees cocktail, so get your ingredients together, pour one up, and join this team for one hell of a podcast!

To make the Voorhees, you’ll need:

-2oz gin
-1/4oz simple syrup
-1oz club sode
-1oz fresh lemon juice


-In a highball glass, muddle raspberries
-Add simple syrup
-Add gin and lemon juice, stir it all together
-Fill with ice
-Top with club soda
-Garnish with more raspberries

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