Thanks to the Nashville Airport, I Now Know What ‘Ghost Bagging’ Is

These criminals have some elaborate schemes down at the Nashville airport.

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You learn something new every day, truly. I would make for a horrible criminal because I know so little about the field. Everything I know about committing crimes in airports goes back to comedies where the dudes have to stuff the cocaine up their butts. It’s the only thing I’d know to do if I were committing a crime in an airport. That’s why I’m always impressed to hear what the criminals have cooked up in their latest airport scheme. I have a simple mind. When I read this post about ‘ghost bagging’ at the Nashville airport, I knew I had to share it with those of you who have a simple mind like me.

Courtesy of WSMV:

A ghost bag is a bag checked onto a plane that arrives at its destination, but a person doesn’t travel with it, police said. Then, someone else waits at the arrival point to take the luggage from a carousel. This process is used as a way to transport drugs or carry out illegal activity.

I absolutely love that this whole thing was triggered by some cops who found Lululemon, a fake drivers license, and a credit card in a bag. What exactly are you guys trying to move here? Is it the fake ID? Is it the credit card? It’s not illegal to transport Lululemon, so I’m not quite sure I understand what the end game is here. I’m still not sure I understand how this is even possible.

How do they do it? Do they just check the bag and walk off? Honestly, I’m just now realizing, as I type this out, that I never travel with a checked bag so I legitimately don’t know how the process works. If my shit can’t fit in a backpack that I take on the plane with me, it doesn’t travel with me. But, don’t they still check the bags through security? Wouldn’t they immediately find the drugs and pull the bag aside? Then, couldn’t they just roll back the security footage and see who dropped it off? Am I misunderstanding this practice? Seems pretty easy to figure out to me. I’m not sure that I can appreciate what the criminals are doing here because it seems like a scheme that is pretty easy to unravel. Let this be a lesson to you criminals out there reading this – be better.

Also, pour one out for our quaint little Nashville airport we used to have that was the greatest airport in the country. I’m not saying crimes were never committed in the old airport. I just miss it because it was so easy to navigate and I rarely ever had to wait for anything. Now, we have this big monstrosity that takes an hour to get to from a mile up the road. What have we come to, Nashville?

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