Things You Don’t Realize You Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (2023)

Take a moment to reflect a little more deeply upon all the things you might not initially realize you should be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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Ah, yes – Thanksgiving week. That can mean only one thing. The time-honored tradition at SoBros Network is back. Everyone always says the same thing this time of year – they’re thankful for friends, family, food, their job, etc. etc.. I don’t think that’s reflecting deep enough. It’s too generic, and in order to be truly thankful, there has to be a deeper sense of appreciation and understanding in it. That’s why I think we need to go above and beyond sometimes when reflecting upon the year that was. It helps ground us, y’know? So, let’s just take a moment to put things into perspective and consider some of the things that we are thankful for that we might not realize we are thankful for. We do still certainly have plenty to be thankful for and hope you do as well.

This is one of my favorite annual pieces, and with it being one of the only posts I’ve written for nine years in a row now, it has a special place in my heart, too. It’s a big girthy one though (that’s what she said), so I’ll quit blubbering before I start crying and just let y’all read the article you came here for.

Things You Don’t Realize You Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving (2023)

Fennel Seed – A little spicy. A little savory. It’s so underrated in terms of what it adds to a dish. I recommend putting it in everything you can. OOOOOO, maybe even stuffing! I don’t know. Are we getting crazy here already?

Toenails that are not ingrown – SHIT, I had one cut back in the spring and I can still feel it throbbing sometimes. It sucks. Then again, I did let mine go for a full calendar year until it started turning purple and I could barely stand on it before I addressed it, so maybe otherwise, they really aren’t all that bad.

Joshua Dobbs – I mean, I know the Vikings lost last night, but Dobbs is so much fun to watch because he’s such a volatile player and he’s so easy to root for. He really has taken the crown from Ryan Fitzpatrick as the league’s favorite journeyman quarterback.

Raising Cane’s – That’s right, Nashville. Now, you can share in the goodness that is Raising Cane’s. We like to head out to the one in Smyrna but there are now a few locations in the middle Tennessee area. Pro-tip: get extra toast with your order. Trust me. You won’t regret it. Yes, I’m advocating for gluttony and obesity.

Edgar Allan Poe – Sometimes, we simply lose sight of what a badass Poe was with the written word. Atmosphere, haunting vibes, and all that…sure, we know Poe. But, sometimes we forget just how tight of a piece that man could write.

A good night’s sleep – is there anything better? Sleep is so important and yet so many people either struggle with it or outright neglect it. I know I’m one to talk as a guy who regularly works past midnight, but at least I recognize the importance of it for your overall general health. I’m a lot better than I used to be, anyway! Nothing feels as awesome as waking up after a night during which you slept like a baby and feel ready to take on the world.


McCash: “I’m thankful for my cat like reflexes when in the kitchen. There will be times when I drop something on the floor while cooking that if my dog Paisley got ahold of could possible kill her. Since she never leaves my side she is always at my feet waiting for crumbs to fall so I have to rely on my Saturday morning kung-fu movie training to scoop things up before her greedy little paws get ahold of something she can’t eat.”

Rooster: “After this year I’m saying hormones. I never really appreciated just how important all of the different hormones are and how they regulate EVERYTHING in our bodies. And a double shout-out to hormone medicine from insulin to HRT. Now that I’m on HRT I can sleep through the night and actually have energy, I don’t have hot flashes, my metabolism is back, my digestive system is strong with previous food intolerances gone, my bones won’t grow brittle, my moods are stable, etc. you get the idea.”

Brittany: “Curiosity. Being curious leads us in so many directions throughout our life, and we forget that everything stems from curiosity: Careers, relationships, travel, creative endeavors, even bad haircuts. We’re all Alice falling down the rabbit hole of life.”

Image courtesy of Spencer Davis on Unsplash.

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