(Patreon) SoBroetry: Christmas Night Skies

Stoney does something more festive and hopefully uplifting for a nice change of pace from all the sad boi shit in his latest poem, titled 'Christmas Night Skies'

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Hey, guys! If you’ve been keeping up with my work here, I feel like I’ve been on a tear with some really negative emotions as of late. So, this month, I wanted to do something more festive and hopefully uplifting for a nice change of pace from all my sad boi shit. As we get set for the holiday season to start, I wanted to share a piece that I actually started writing last December. It’s something that captures the essence of what this time of year means to me. I hope you’ll all get some time to relax and reflect during this time. Happy Holidays! *Image courtesy of guille pozzi on Unsplash*

Christmas Night Skies

Soft purple.
Soft blue.
Stars twinkle, their light bouncing off the frost in the air.
All is merry and bright.

Something about a night sky this time of year
Causes pause.
It can hit you right in the chest.
Remind you of all you love.
Remind you of all you’re grateful for.

Christmas lights in the yard
Glow upon our house.
There’s something warm
about the array of color splashing about.

A restful time of year.
I think of the eagerness of childhood.
For the big day itself.
How the very Earth itself feels at ease.

The magic eventually wanes
At an age when spirits change
You don’t even notice
Until you’re longing for those simpler times.

I remember standing in my grandparents backyard
Cognizant of of all the times I’d stood there under that very sky before
Reliving the memories of Christmases gone by
Burning the image of that moon in my brain so I’d never forget it.

I knew they wouldn’t be here forever.
I knew I wouldn’t be either.
Something told me to savor that moment
And it turned out to be the last time I ever gazed upon that night sky.

I see Christmas as a sort of checkpoint.
Another year older.
Another year wiser, I certainly hope.
Did I do what I set out to do this year?

The season may mean many things to many people.
I’m not exactly your model Christian
But I implore you to look upon those Christmas night skies
And see how they speak to you.

Remember the love behind a perfect gift.
Remember your fortunes, for not everyone has them.
Remember where you came from.
Remember where you want to be.

It’s warmth and cheer
It’s a connection to yesteryear
It’s glory and rest
And a reminder to count your blessings if you believe in such things.

Perspective in the night
Moon glowing to light the way inward
And beauty to humble you.
These Christmas skies, how they move me.

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