2024 Senior Bowl Practice Notes, Day 1

Stoney Keeley recaps all of the action from Day 1 at 2024 Senior Bowl practice.

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After roasting in the Mobile sun for the last five hours, I can sit here comfortably and say that WE ARE BACK BABY! It’s time for the good old Senior Bowl notebook! I spent the day hyper-focused on the offensive line groups, so my notes are largely reflective of that.

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National Team

  • OC Kingsley Eguakun might have been the surprise of the entire day to me. He’s scrappy, locks on his guy, and finishes. The asking price for Jackson Powers-Johnson may be too rich for the Titans to invest the required draft capital on. Eguakun is a name to watch as a late round value add for this team.
  • Speaking of JP-J, the dude put on a show today. He’s so clean in how he moves, and pure in how he puts dudes in the dirt. He was the best offensive lineman out there today.
  • TE Brevyn Spann-Ford caught my eye a few times with his length, size, soft hands, and smooth breaks to create separation. To quote Zach, “88 is a monster.”
  • Illinois OG Isaiah Adams is built like a bowling ball and looks to put guys in the dirt. He was a surprise.
  • WR Javon Baker has sudden…and I mean sudden…cuts and the speed to separate. I was dying to watch the guy play this week and he at least for Day 1, he didn’t disappoint.
  • I’ll just say this – the “Jordan Morgan LT of the future” talk has died a horrible death.
  • WR Luke McCaffrey dropped a pass today, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t solely focused on the wide receivers, but I thought he looked polished. His speed surprised me – he was clocked as one of the three fastest receivers, but I can’t find the exact number because the stats site isn’t updated.
  • EDGE Javon Solomon juked Ethan Driskell out of his shoes. I don’t think Driskell even got a hand on him. The Javon Solomon “Hidden Gems” list talk is picking up steam.
  • RT Taliese Fuaga is simply immovable. It’s almost comical to watch guys try and blow him off the block. Taliese Fuaga laughs at your futility.
  • WR Roman Wilson was the best receiver of the practice and showed an ability to attack the soft spot in the zone. He also showed some strong hands on a contested catch at the boundary.
  • DL Keith Randolph is a dude mover.
  • RB Rasheen Ali looks the part – he was able to navigate traffic and turn on the burners to get down the field. He possesses clean breakaway speed if you give him an opening.
  • CB Max Melton popped on a couple of plays. One, he did a fantastic job of staying disciplined on McCaffrey’s attempt to juke him and get into his release. He boxed him up and kept him from getting into his route. Two, Melton showed nice effort in creating a fumble when laying out to make a tackle and punching at the ball.
  • TE Theo Johnson ran a slick route to find the soft spot in the zone and get wide freaking open for a big gain. He later showed good concentration on a contested catch.
  • CB Quinyon Mitchell’s name was buzzing throughout the stadium. The dude was everywhere today.
  • P Tory Taylor booted a ball to the fuckin’ moon!

American Team

  • Before we came down here, Zach asked me if there was an Isaiah Pacheco in this class. The closest I could land on was Emani Bailey, who runs violently between the tackles. Seeing him in person today, he certainly looks the part.
  • This OL group is full of thumpers – I mean, pads were popping like crazy this afternoon. Delmar Glaze, Beaux Limmer, Christian Haynes, and Christian Jones were all out there dropping their shoulders and hitting people.
  • OT Patrick Paul had a good afternoon, showing a little more tenacity than I’ve seen on his tape and dominating the drills.
  • OT Javon Foster had a pretty solid afternoon. I noticed him absorbing the blow of Chris Braswell and stonewalling him on a play.
  • CB Jarvis Brownlee, Jr. had a solid coverage rep on which he went hip-to-hip with Xavier Legette and prevented a completion.
  • This DL group has a lot of push and power to it. Jordan Jefferson and McKinnley Jackson stood out to me in this regard. Jefferson’s punch alone knocked back Charles Turner on a play.
  • RT Tyler Guyton has incredible potential – to be relatively new to playing tackle, he’s pretty damn good. He was getting a lot of coaching today, and stacked some wins in the 1:1s vs. this EDGE class.
  • WR Ryan Flournoy out of SEMO had a pretty good day. I love the guy’s build.
  • LT Patrick Paul looked dominant in pass pro to the surprise of no one.
  • DL Darius Robinson showed up a couple of times with a disruptive spin move.
  • This EDGE group has some really interesting pieces in it between Nelson Ceaser, Jalyx Hunt, and Eric Watts. Those guys showed some juice today and I’m curious to see who rises to the occasion this week.
  • Jaylin Simpson had an awesome pass breakup in the team drill.

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