Nashville Reviews: Two Ten Jack

Let's head out to East Nashville for some ramen on this edition of Nashville Reviews.

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Two Ten Jack has been a veritable institution of East Nashville for years at this point. For some reason (probably because I barely like leaving the house), we’ve just never been before. Every time my wife and I stop by Jeni’s or Five Daughters, we tell ourselves “man, we gotta come down here and try out Two Ten Jack.” It seems like we’ve been saying that for 20 years at this point. Well, thanks to our good friends Brittany and Jesse, we finally got the kick in the ass we needed to make that happen. For those who didn’t get out in it, it was cold Friday night. Fake spring had teased us for a few days recently, but it vacated middle Tennessee late last week – it was a cold, rainy night. Actually, it was snowing by the time we actually got home to Mount Juliet. Nonetheless, it was a cold, rainy night. To me, that’s the perfect weather to find somewhere that you can cozy up in for a good long dinner. And, it’s the perfect time to get something that’s going to warm you to your core, like some noodles or ramen. To scope out Two Ten Jack and their menu for yourself, check out their website here.


Pork gyoza
crispy rice and spicy tuna
what was left of our JFC (Japanese fried chicken) when we remembered to snap a photo of it.
spicy crab noodles
spicy crab noodles part two
tonkotsu – from Two Ten Jack’s menu: “creamy pork broth / chashu / shio tare / menma / kikurage / mayu / *soft egg”
tonkotsu, part two


Food: 8.12/10 – The food itself was undoubtedly the strength of our experience. This might be a weird thing to lead off with, but my skewer of tomatoes roasted in wasabi oil was my absolute favorite part of the dinner. What can I say? I’m a true southern man at heart – nothing speaks to me like a ripe tomato. They were rich and juicy, baby. In addition to the gyoza, JFC, and crispy rice + spicy tuna, we also got an order of the brussel sprouts that were fantastic, but we didn’t snap a photo of those. The crispy rice + spicy tuna was the highlight of the appetizer round, offering a nice crunch accentuated by the dull heat of the spicy tuna. My wife got the spicy crab noodles and I tried the tonkotsu, which was just what I wanted on a cold winter’s night. It was a tasty combination of ingredients that offered the palate a little bit of everything. The crispy pork belly gave the dish a salty bite, but it was mellowed out by the broth and noodles. I added a scoop of corn and ratcheted up the spice level with some of their miso paste. That shit cleared out my sinuses, but I’m addicted to the heat. It was awesome. I also could’ve eaten an entire bowl of the eggs. Fantastic stuff.

Booze: 7.41/10 – I’ve only tried sake once, and it was in a cocktail that McCash made for an episode of Drinking With. It tasted like pond water, so I can’t call myself a connoisseur. All I can say is that there was sake on the menu. As for what I’m well-versed in, the bar had a good selection of booze, but I went with ol reliable, Jackalope Bearwalker.

Value: 5.87/10 – To me, the value was the weakest aspect of the meal. We paid for two entrees, two appetizers, a skewer of tomatoes, two beers, and spent over $100 (I don’t know exactly because my wife grabbed the tab and I just Venmo’ed her $50 to split it). It’s a damn good meal. It’s a damn cool vibe. But, if I’m being transparent with you guys, that price point is going to make it hard for my cheap ass to put it in my regular rotation.

Atmosphere: 7.51/10 – I rather enjoyed our little nook in the restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown over in East Nashville. The music was a little loud for my liking, but I’m hard of hearing, and I’m 37 years old…so, please…don’t take my word for it, young bucks. That little note was for the fellow geriatric millennials out there. Our service was good, and though we were tucked away in a booth, I did catch myself eyeing the bar thinking about what a cozy spot to get completely obliterated and call my wife to come pick me up from. Really cool spot.

Overall: 7.03/10 – Between the ambiance and the quality of the dinner, Two Ten Jack takes up a unique space in the Nashville restaurant scene. It’s the perfect place to share small plates, share entrees, and enjoy the company of one another. After the meal we had and the vibes we picked up in the restaurant, it’s a spot I’m already looking forward to returning to.


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  3. Butcher & Bee (8.5/10)
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  5. The 404 Kitchen (8.41/10)

You can check out our full Nashville restaurant rankings here. I’m always looking for new spots to try – don’t be afraid to hit the comments with suggestions!

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