Podcast: A 23-Step Plan for Fixing the Titans

In case you missed it, Stoney has completely fixed the Tennessee Titans with this 23-step plan on The Unofficial Titans Podcast.

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Guys, fret not – the Tennessee Titans stunk last year, but I have devised a plan to get them back to glory. That’s right. I haven’t even been hired by the team, but I’m out here doing the work. The good news is…it’ll only take turning over approximately half the roster. No big deal. I have compiled a list of 23 team needs, and on the most recent episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast, I’ve offered solutions for each need. You read that correctly, it’ll only take 23 new players to get this team back to relevancy.

In all seriousness, as we sit here in late February with the Scouting Combine on the horizon and the dust, by and large, settling on the hiring of Brian Callahan’s coaching staff, I thought this would be the perfect spot to reset and take a look at the state of this roster before things get crazy leading up to the NFL Draft. I’ve broken this conversation down into buckets of needs, be it impact players, reliable starters, rotational pieces, and depth/competition. I list a few players I like at each spot, and weigh in on whether I’d invest a draft pick in ’em or address the need in free agency. If I were the man in charge, this is the plan I’d put together to try and whip this roster back into some kind of shape.

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Listen to “Ep. 162: A Complete Fantasyland Roster Rebuild” on Spreaker.

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