Podcast: The Importance of Physical Media

ICYMI: Check out Brittany and Stoney chatting about how awesome it is to curate your own physical media collection on the latest SoBros Power Hour.

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I was pissed off to see that Best Buy is going to quit selling physical media. There’s no better way to kill time than to mosey around the mall looking at DVDs and Blu-Rays. That’s one less place that I get to do my shopping at around here in Mount Juliet. I was also pissed to see Netflix remove titles that we don’t otherwise have access to. Thankfully, I had the perfect guest on the most recent episode of the SoBros Power Hour to make the case for physical media, Brittany Fernandez. We talked about the reasons we collect, what it says about us as people, and the importance of keeping the art alive.

We also talked about the art show SoBros Network is putting on at Danger Zone Video this Saturday (3/30) at 11AM-5PM, I asked Brittany what she would do if she owned Rivergate Mall, we talked about the Edgar Allan Poe speakeasy coming to town, and New Belgium teaming up with Tombstone Pizza for a pizza-flavored IPA.

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Listen to “Ep. 112: Rivergate Mall and Physical Media” on Spreaker.

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