Podcast: The Oscars Got It Right This Year

ICYMI: Check out Brandon, Sean, and Stoney weighing in on how this year's Oscars ceremony was executed on The Vick's Flicks Podcast.

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It has become quite the tradition here at SoBros Network. In three of the last four years (that makes us a dynasty), we’ve gotten together as The Vick’s Flicks Podcast to watch and react to the Oscars in real time. This year was no different – our resident film critic, Brandon Vick, along with the EIC at 615 Film, Sean Atkins, joined me on the microphones to celebrate the biggest day in the movie industry.

Awards analysis aside, my big takeaway from the evening was just how much the Academy nailed the show this year. For years, the Oscars have been the butt of many a joke about how long the ceremony lasted, how boring it is, and how it doesn’t really connect with the casual moviegoer out there. This year, it was like the Academy was fed up and wanted to do something about it. I don’t know who’s responsible for that, but hats off to them. The show felt streamlined. It started and ended earlier than usual – how awesome to be out of there by 9:30PM CST?! But, the show didn’t drone on. It was efficient. They got through the big moments, honoring everyone in the process, without really sacrificing time from the artists who earned those moments. It was awesome. You can catch our overlying thoughts on the ceremony and hear us react to Best Director and Best Picture being handed out in the podcast embedded below. If you’re a true sicko, you can go back and watch our full nearly four-hour broadcast on YouTube.

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Listen to “Ep. 145: The 2024 Oscars Watch-Along” on Spreaker.

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