East Nashville Beer Works Is the Perfect Spot to Spend a Lazy Sunday

Spend a lazy Sunday out at East Nashville Beer Works for some good vibes and good brews.

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You won’t find my usual ‘Nashville Reviews’ notes in this post, no. You’ll also notice that I didn’t really take any good pictures of the place (my bad). That’s because our trip to East Nashville Beer Works was not intended to be a work outing with the goal of writing a review in mind. I was actually trying to do quite the opposite of work that day, but alas, here we are. The vibes were so good (this spot is now 2/2 on vibes trips that I’ve been on there) that I at least wanted to write a little blurb about it and maybe turn a few of you guys onto this gem out in East Nashville because, in my humble opinion, it’s the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday with no plans.

I was first introduced to East Nashville Beer Works through our buddy Pat Artus of The Quick Sixer Podcast. We hopped on a brewery tour a couple of Decembers ago, this one was among the stops, and we had one hell of an evening in the process. The whole idea of getting out to a brewery on a fine spring day originated a couple of weeks ago during a phone call with our resident film critic, Brandon Vick. We were chatting about how difficult it is to find time just to relax these days with everyone’s busy schedules. Everything is work related or we’re just booked up weeks in advance with crowded calendars. I floated the idea out there that we should just spend an afternoon at East Nashville Beer Works one of these days because I knew there was plenty for us to do, but I also knew the spot was kid-friendly, so he could bring the little one along with him.

I think it was the next night that I got a text that just said, “hey, how about we go this weekend?” Lo and behold, we did actually have a window on the calendar where we could make it happen that Saturday morning, so we agreed to meet around Noon. Having nothing else to do and knowing that Nashville traffic can be a bitch and a half at a moment’s notice, my wife and I decided to post up a little early and I started the day with Bee-Haze Honey IPA while we waited for our friends to arrive.

Bee-Haze! Honey IPA

Absolutely love every IPA I’ve had here, and Bee-Haze was no different. For me, it was the usual wave of hazy, hoppy, IPA goodness hitting me first with a nice subtle finish of the honey. It’s hard to come up with a unique beer in this day and age, but this one checked that box. Brandon and family arrived, got beverages of their own, and we spent the afternoon comfortably catching up in the tent they’d set up out back. We roamed around with the little one, who quite enjoyed the playground, and when our stomachs started growling, we ordered a few pizzas.

My wife and I ordered some chips and salsa (a requirement at every establishment we visit that serves them), and we added a white pizza on top of it. It’s not my thing, y’all. It was a very crumbly pizza, rich with I don’t even know what kind of cheese. But, my wife loved it and that’s all that counts. I tried a few slices of their standard issue cheese pizza, and it rocked…just the thing you want to house whenever you’re downing some beers. In total, we spent a couple of hours at that spot, taking in the fresh air and letting the sunshine wash over us, forgetting the worries of the world if only just for a moment. I switched over to the mead from Honeytree Meadery because I’ve never had it, and our friend E always told me that I need to try it. When I’d get a better opportunity, I didn’t know. So, I dove in, and I ended up drinking three of them. Yes, I found out that day that I’m a mead guy. All in all, this place is laid back, easy-going, and serves damn good beer – keep it in mind as the weather in Nashville continues to warm up. For more on East Nashville Beer Works, check out their website here.

Mead from Honeytree Meadery

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