Forgotten Treasures of Americana: Ape Escape

Stoney Keeley relives the classic Playstation game Ape Escape on this edition of Forgotten Treasures of Americana.

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In our never ending quest to provide all of our readers with relatable, ‘slice of life’ style content, we here at the SoBros Network feel the time to weigh in on social commentary has officially come. It’s once again time for me, Big Natural, to open up the leather-bound parchment pages of the annals of history. Put on your plush robe, light your pipe, start a fire, and get ready for deep contemplation. This is the as-often-as-I-remember-to-write-it column: Forgotten Treasures of Americana. Today, we are going to be looking back at what was one of the original Playstation’s most underrated games, Ape Escape.

I’m not a video game person at all. When people ask me about video games, I cite the Super Nintendo and Metal Gear Solid as my favorites, and outside of getting super obsessed with Pokemon Go throughout the summer of 2016, I haven’t really played video games since. It’s just not for me – never resonated with me. But, I saw this tweet from Jarrett Bailey, and it sent me down a rabbit hole I’d completely forgotten about:

I fucking loved this game. I can’t believe that after all these years, I have completely forgotten how much I loved it. I legit played this game all day every day the summer it came out. No school, nothing to do but try to assault and capture monkeys that were trying to take over the world. I remember it being so sick with the analog sticks. I tried avoiding using those things at all cost because I hate change and could never get the flow of those controllers down. But, in Ape Escape, I remember how easy and nice it felt to bag one of them little sumbitches up. There was something addictive about that game. I don’t know if it was the island setting that just made me feel at ease or what, but you could disappear into that thing for hours on end. I don’t know how technology works these days because I don’t think I’ve played a game on a console since 2003, but there has to be some sort of emulator for this thing online, right? I should be able to find this game somewhere. Help your boy out. Also, I had absolutely no idea there were sequels to this thing.

Another one I forgot about is Syphon Filter. Guess I’ll have to wait another year before I can write about it because I don’t like doing these columns on the same thing two times in a row. Maybe there’s an article idea in here – “video games I forgot I actually played.” Sounds entertaining.

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