Podcast: Exploring Draft Scenarios for the Titans

ICYMI: Mike, Stoney, and Zach are pounding the table for different prospects on the latest Football & Other F Words.

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#NoSleepTilDetroit rolls on as we’re pounding the dudes for tables on thi…wait…no…sorry, lack of sleep showing up again. We are pounding the table for different prospects on this week’s episode of Football & Other F Words. Tired of the ordinary mock drafts that have been droning on for months now, Zach cooked up a fun way to accomplish the same discussion that a mock draft would typically inspire in a fun and different way. On this week’s episode, we are mock drafting from three different scenarios – if the Titans stick and pick at #7, if they trade back in the first round, and if they trade back in the second round. When we’re on the clock in each round, Mike, Zach, and I have to stand up, take our shirts off, and pound the table for who we believe should be the pick in that spot. What we end up with is essentially nine different mock drafts.

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