Where the 2024 NFL Draft Is the Deepest

The Deepest Positions in the 2024 NFL Draft | by Stoney Keeley

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We have flipped the calendar from March to April, and folks, that means it’s draft month. If you haven’t already been keeping up with my work on Stacking The Inbox, we’re knee deep in this shit right now. I have studied and written about 222 prospects at this point, all of which you can read somewhere on Stacking The Inbox. It’s a steal at just $5/month. Hell, even if you don’t want to stick around for the best Tennessee Titans coverage in Nashville, you can at least sign up for the month of April so that I can prep you for the 2024 NFL Draft! What is their to lose?!?!? Anyway, now that I’m so deep into this class, I’m broadening my scope and looking at the class as a whole. I figured I’d pass along my thoughts on where this year’s draft is the deepest.

The Deepest Positions in the 2024 NFL Draft

1. Wide Receiver – Given the evolution of the college game, it stands to reason that the wide receiver classes would get better and better each year. But, even with that said, this year’s wide receiver class feels particularly deep. I have four guys as bona fide WR1 candidates in Rome Odunze, Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, and Brian Thomas Jr.. Then, there is a wealth of solid WR3 caliber players. The value teams are going to be able to get on Day 3 is insane. At the time of this writing, I have 34 wide receivers on my big board….I think this group is at least 28 deep with guys that are going to get a legit shot to play in the league.

2. Offensive Tackle – The overall tackle class may be a bit more shallow than the wide receiver class, but it’s a lot more top heavy, going six deep with guys that I think will be a factor in the NFL. After that, there’s a robust middle class of about eight more tackles that look like intriguing developmental prospects. There are even quite a few intriguing developmental Day 3 guys as well. This year’s tackle class is undoubtedly the deepest I’ve evaluated in the four years I’ve been doing this (not much, but hey – for what it’s worth and what have you).

3. Cornerback – The cornerback class as a whole seems like it’s being slept on. I really like the guys at the top of this class – Terrion Arnold, Quinyon Mitchell, Kool-Aid McKinstry, Nate Wiggins. In a draft that didn’t have so many solid options at tackle and receiver, one of these guys would be a lock to go in the top 10. Arnold or Mitchell still have an outside shot at the top 10, but I don’t feel like enough people are giving them the credit they deserve. Even outside of the top few corners, this position group has a load of Day 3 talent that should see the field on Sundays.

4. Interior Offensive Line – Is it just me or does every interior offensive lineman in this year’s class have center/guard versatility? I mean, usually, I’d have no issue with breaking this up into the guards and the centers, but I don’t know how you divide ’em up this year. About all I know for sure is that Cooper Beebe is a guard and Zach Frazier is a center. Everyone else in this group can go both ways (that’s what she said). This group is about 15 deep with guys who will get a real shot to make an impact in the NFL.

5. Quarterback – I’m not as high on this quarterback class as others are. I’ve finally gotten to a spot where I can say for sure that Caleb Williams is the best of the bunch, but outside of him, I don’t see a lock to be a difference maker in the group. I don’t like the deeper options in this year’s class either, but at least there are seven guys at the top of it that might make some noise in the NFL.

6. Defensive Line – I like the defensive line depth in this draft, and feel it’s another position that the larger draft media is sleeping on. It’s a sort of ‘choose your flavor’ class. If you need the big run stuffing defensive lineman, you can get him. If you need the twitchy hybrid guy, you can get him. It seems like there’s a specialty defensive lineman for whatever you need in every round of this draft.

7. Running back – It’s certainly not a top heavy group and I’m not sure we see a back come off the board until at least the third round, but man, once they get going, they’re not going to stop. This year’s class is littered with Day 3 running backs that are going to sneak onto a roster and be a factor. Yes, this is veiled support of Kimani Vidal and Tyrone Tracy Jr..

8. Edge Rusher – I love me some Dallas Turner. I like me some Darius Robinson and Chris Braswell. I’m lukewarm on Laiatu Latu and Jared Verse. But man, once those guys go, this EDGE class falls off a cliff in my book. There are plenty of specialists and intriguing high-upside picks, but there’s risk involved, and those dudes may end up being rotational players at best.

8. Tight end – This group is really anchored by Brock Bowers, Theo Johnson, and Ben Sinnott, but outside of those three guys, I’m not sure there’s a starting tight end in the group. I like the upside of a lot of the tight ends in this class, but if you’re looking for a high-floor player at the position, I think you’re going to run out of options quick.

9. Safety – There are a few options if you’re looking for a high end safety. Cooper DeJean looks like one in my book (I’m not counting him among the corners right now). Tyler Nubin and Cole Bishop are in that category as well. But, once those three are gone, you’re essentially drafting for upside. This safety class is littered with Day 3 developmental prospects that may or may not pan out. Don’t get me wrong – I like a few of ’em, but this group is far from a sure thing.

10. Linebacker – At least the safeties and tight ends have a few guys worth taking in or just outside the first round. That’s not the case for linebacker, where I wouldn’t feel comfortable investing anything higher than a 3rd round pick on a guy. Outside of the top four (Payton Wilson > Junior Colson > Jeremiah Trotter Jr. > Edgerrin Cooper as I have ’em), you’re looking at a stable of “who knows what the hell these guys can become?

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