The Nashville Predators National Anthem Singer Is Upset That the Team Benched Him for “The Captain’s Wife” Aka Carrie Freaking Underwood

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The first Western Conference Finals for the Nashville Predators is being met with an unparalleled fervor in the Music City. To say that Smashville is buzzing would be a huge understatement, but for all the talk about Kesler vs. Johansen, Pt. III, it’s another story that has dominated Nashville sports talk today.

Courtesy of The Tennesseean:

Dennis K. Morgan, who started singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before Predators games when he moved to Nashville 17 years ago, said he has not been happy about being upstaged by Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, Lady Antebellum and others.

Dennis, buddy – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think you could have possibly picked a worse time to vent about this. But, timing aside, this is just a bad take altogether that paints Morgan in an arrogant, entitled light. Not a good look at all to detract from the celebrity status of the singers that have replaced him.

I could understand his gripe under certain circumstances – if the Preds were letting fans sing the national anthem instead, or if this was another city not renowned for its musical talent. But, this is Nashville, dude – you can walk blindfolded down Broadway and stumble into a good musician.

This ain’t the Minnesota Wild. You’re talking about the entertainment mecca of the South – a hot, rising, destination city loaded with celebrities.

“I’m not going to hide my disappointment and I told the Predators that I have been asked the same question over and over and it’s just really getting old,” Morgan said. “Everywhere I go — obviously at my day job (as a healthcare IT recruiting manager) and at (Bridgestone) arena as well as everywhere else I go to church, grocery stores, on the street, in meetings and in restaurants — people want to know how I feel.”

Morgan, who also sings the Canadian anthem when appropriate, said he attended a retirement party last Saturday and unintentionally stole the spotlight because of the issue.

“I felt like more people were asking me about (not singing the national anthem) than they were honoring the retiree,” Morgan said. “And that felt really, really bad.”

Damn it, Preds – look what you’ve done. You’ve gone and ruined someone’s retirement party because you didn’t let Dennis sing the national anthem. This is something a Will Ferrell character would say. Can’t you just hear it? “I once ruined a retirement party because everyone was asking me why I wasn’t singing the national anthem at the hockey games.”

I understand, he has a reputation as a super nice guy, but this isn’t an acceptable excuse to cause such a big stink on such a big day in Nashville’s sports history.

“They came to me and said the captain’s (Mike Fisher) wife asked to sing the anthem that night,” Morgan said. “It was presented to me as a one night only kind of thing and I agreed to it. Then they continued to bring in these other singers and touted them as ‘A-listers,’ which kind of hurt me.”

Yeah? Well, that’s because THEY ARE FUCKING A-LISTERS, DENNIS! Damn – you are implying that your feelings are hurt because the Nashville Predators don’t hold you in the same regard as Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, and Vince Gill. That is absolutely preposterous. Each of these acts is infinitely more talented than you are.

And, make no mistake, it is absolutely, utterly disrespectful to refer to Carrie Underwood as “the captain’s wife” and to imply that she did it because of her marriage to Mike Fisher is insane, stupid, and spiteful.

And, this is a direct quote from the guy. I’m not reading into some vague potential misquote. Also, “and I agreed to it” would imply that you actually had a say in the matter. What would have happened had you said no? You think the Preds are going to tell Carrie Underwood no? Hell no – you sing the national anthem during the regular season because NHL teams don’t want to pay for A-list singers to show up 40+ nights a season. That’s why – it’s definitely not because you are in their class.

“The Predators said they understood my disappointment and that they had even been hearing the same thing,” Morgan said.

I don’t want to be overly cynical here, but this seems like people-pleasing to me. Does anyone here actually think the Preds were fielding repeated questions about Dennis’ whereabouts throughout the playoffs? Maybe it’s there – if that’s the case, I’d love to see evidence.

“I don’t blame Carrie Underwood or Luke Bryan or any of the other acts who have performed,” Morgan said. “I’ve been as good-natured as I can be. With my closest friends, I’ve certainly shared my disappointment. But most of the time I’ll toe the company line and say, ‘Why am I not singing? Because I don’t have seven Grammys, I’m not married to the captain, she’s a whole lot prettier than me,’ that kind of thing and try to leave it at that.”

Well, that’s awfully kind-hearted of you, Dennis. Be good-natured and let the cute little country singers sing songs without disrupting it. I’m sure you had the power to veto these calls, anyway. And, yeah – she TOTALLY got the gig because she’s married to the captain – it couldn’t possibly be because she’s the best singer in the city.

Morgan has retained his seat in section 104 for all home playoff games even when he hasn’t performed.

Good – ’cause I’d imagine that’s the only way he’s getting near the ice moving forward.

Anyone reading that hasn’t gathered this by now – you fuck with Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, you fuck with all of Nashville.

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