The Injury Report Is out and Yep – A Lot of Nashville Predators Were at Least Partially Broken

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The dust is finally starting to settle in the Music City after one hell of a weekend. And, now it’s time for fans of the Nashville Predators to look back and reflect on the magical season it was. That includes the disclosure of the injuries our beloved Preds sustained over the course of the playoffs:

Courtesy of The Tennessean:

Forward James Neal suffered a broken hand during Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Anaheim Ducks on May 12. He scored the overtime winner in that game, but had two goals in his next 11 games. In the post-series handshake line Sunday, Neal kept his right hand in his glove as he congratulated the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“He had to get it shot up every game just to be able to play,” Poile said.

Holy shit. I don’t care what you’re doing – a broken hand is no fun for anyone. Much less a hockey player who relies on said hand to control a stick, and you know….hit people. I think this might warrant consideration for James Neal to enter our Clutch Hall of Fame. But, a lot of hockey players are tough, so I don’t know – if you have a strong opinion on this, please get in touch with me.

Still, not only was he effective. He was pretty good. I’m pretty sure if I had a broken hand, I would not leave my bed for at least 80 days. I would cry daily and would probably start sending passive aggressive, resentful text messages to my friends and family for not having someone at my bedside to talk to 24/7.

But, that’s just me.

(Ryan) Ellis played in each of Nashville’s 22 playoff games, but coach Peter Laviolette said following the team’s season-ending loss Sunday that Ellis’ ailment was “pretty serious.” Poile said that more should be known next week.

I love the nature of NHL injury reporting – it’s almost like, “yeah, it’s pretty bad, but you know…it happened.” Or, in some cases, like, “yeah, well ol’ boy got hurt…I don’t know…a week ago. A month ago, maybe. Don’t really know what’s wrong….just some sort of upper body injury. Not too sure when it happened, either.”

But yeah, take a look at the rest of the injuries: Neal – broken hand, Colin Wilson – hamstring, Mike Fisher – concussion, Craig Smith – high ankle sprain, Ryan Ellis – who knows? Ryan Johanesen – acute compartment syndrome…nearly had to have his leg amputated…Kevin Fiala – a busted ass femur.

It’s wild – hockey players, man.

Nashville opens training camp Sept. 14.

My body is ready…hope the Preds’ bodies are ready, too.

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