Hugh Freeze, We Hardly Knew Ye


And just like that, Hugh Freeze’s free fall hit rock bottom, and he was gone. Reports exploded on Thursday evening that Freeze’s job was in immediate jeopardy after new information had come to light. Less than 10 minutes later, Freeze resigned from his post as head coach of Ole Miss.

But, what was the explosive information? Ole Miss learned that Freeze called a number connected to an escort service in Tampa, Fla. Not only that, but Freeze used his OLE MISS UNIVERSITY PHONE to do so!

Be better, Hugh.

Listen, I’m not going to cast judgement on the escort thing. You do you, people. But don’t be this ridiculously stupid. Using your employer’s phone to get some strange on the side? Inexcusable.

We all knew Freeze was coaching on borrowed time, but this was a swift and embarrassing end of an already insane story. Gas mask bongs and paid players marred Freeze’s reputation at Ole Miss. And now an escort service nails (pun intended) the final nail in the coffin.

The Hugh Freeze saga is over at Ole Miss. An absolute downward spiral to match ends with a crash and a burn.

Hopefully that escort service at least sends him a coupon.

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