Houston Nutt Is The Alpha Male We Should All Aspire To Be


Ok, I’ll say it: Houston Nutt has giant swinging cannonballs. There’s no other explanation.

For those that might be unaware, Nutt filed a lawsuit last month against Ole Miss claiming defamation of character. He alleges that Hugh Freeze and AD Ross Bjork blamed most NCAA infractions on Nutt to avoid prosecution, even going as far as to talk to reporters “off the record.” Nutt is filing suit due to a perceived breach in his severance agreement with the university. In response to what he has called “a smear campaign,” Nutt demanded an apology from Ole Miss. But, the university, of course, refused this request. How did Nutt respond?

He got Hugh Freeze fired, ruined his reputation, and destroyed his future coaching career.


I’m not even exaggerating; that’s overkill for the sake of overkill. You see, because of Nutt suing the school, it was discovered that Freeze was calling escort services from his university issued phone (Side note: I’ve spoken on this before, but Freeze is a moron. You make $5 million a year, spend $40 on a burner phone for hookers at Walmart. That’s coaching 101).

Now that Freeze has been demolished, Nutt (who I really want to call The Nutt Case now, but I won’t) is now focusing on Ole Miss. A settlement from Nutt’s attorney was submitted last week. What is this crazy mountain of destruction demanding? An apology – and $500,000 from the university to establish a sports ethics commission. He wants no money for himself. I need you to let that sink in.

Nutt crushed Freeze and put Ole Miss in the corner…….for fun. That’s an insane man, and I love it.

Here’s the best part: how can Ole Miss say no? It’s increasingly likely they’d lose decisively to Nutt if this continued. This is the cheapest way out, and Nutt has even refused any monetary gain. But, Ole Miss has been backed into a corner by a madman, and they have to accept it. Houston Nutt crushed a man, and is still going to come out smelling like roses. He somehow managed to take the high road while still leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He’s the evil genius we deserve.

Currently, Nutt works a college football analyst for CBS Sports. But after this, what’s next? The brutal talents and laser focus of destruction that Nutt brings to the table is too valuable for a studio. Maybe Nick Saban will pick him up. Nutt can be the Darth Vader to Saban’s Emperor, demolishing the SEC one school at a time. Maybe Uncle Sam will call, and Nutt can take care of that pesky North Korea problem. Who needs missiles when you can break loose the Nutt? But, I’m rooting for Youngstown State to bring him on board. If anyone is more of a maniac than Houston Nutt, it’s Bo Pelini.

When you’re an alpha with a pair made of solid steel, the sky is the limit.

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