Dogs of Peru

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As a freelance contributor, I’d like to introduce myself to the SoBros Network community by sharing photos of dogs. Because who doesn’t like dogs, right?

And these aren’t just any dogs. These are mountain-dwelling, good doggos I met recently in the Peruvian Andes near Cusco.

I plan on sharing more about this trip and other similar items going forward on this site. I hope you enjoy the stories I share and have fun with these adventures.


We named this guy Stoop Dog. He stayed here on the steps every night watching us walk up and down a steep cobblestone road in Cusco
Stooooop Dogggg
This little guy seems to be exhausted from fighting crime all day
Found this guy hanging out in Plaza De Armas
This light-eyed pal ran a passion fruit farm in the jungle
This was his sidekick on the farm
Appropriately named Begger, this good boy tried to hop into my back pack for our mountain trek.
A couple of Shy guys hanging out while I was grabbing a beer at a small shack in the jungle.
We came across a litter of young pups at one farm. This little one was upset with the wet grass.
And this one couldn’t quite grasp the concept of personal space…
See what I mean?
I assume this big guy was worn out from building that awesome dog house back there…
A true bad-ass. This dude had three legs. We met him while walking the railroad tracks from Hydroelectrica to Aguas Calientes. Along with a few 4-legged buddies, he stayed with us for the full several mile hike to the base of Machu Picchu.
A friend of the three legged dog, this guy and a few others seemed to be the guards of Machu Picchu. They welcomed the early risers at 4am to begin the grueling climb up to Macchu Picchu.
Well…this isn’t a dog, but check out this chicken hangin’ out in a shower!

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