The Games That Defined the 2019 Tennessee Titans

"Big Natural" Stoney Keeley looks back at some of the games that defined the 2019 Tennessee Titans.

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I’ve gone on record (as long as Twitter and my podcast count as “the record”) saying that the 2019 Tennessee Titans were the most special Titans team since that team that went to the Super Bowl….maybe even more special given the dramatic shift this team made after starting 2-4.

It was a hell of a run, and I think this team will end up having a special place in the collective heart of the Titans fan base if they don’t already. We witnessed a metamorphosis on offense. Mike Vrabel found his play-caller on offense in Arthur Smith, they committed to Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, and together, they got behind their hoss running back Derrick Henry. The result was a run to the AFC Championship.

Today, I’m going to be looking at some of the games that defined this special Titans team.

The Games That Defined the 2019 Tennessee Titans

Week 1 vs. Cleveland Browns – At the time, we thought this game would have potential playoff ramifications. Kinda crazy to look back at all the insane preseason hype the Browns were getting and how that panned out. Nonetheless, it showed right out of the gate, that the Titans were capable of playing really really well.

Week 6 @ Denver Broncos – If you want to argue that this was THE pivotal game of the 2019 season, I’ll listen. It marked the rock bottom that forced the coaching staff’s hand at quarterback. 16-0…..16-0!!!!! In the modern NFL, with the rules in place as they are, you’re telling me you couldn’t score a single point? Wild. I distinctly remember watching Marcus Mariota being benched and feeling incredibly bittersweet about it. I understood and agreed with the move, but it still marked the end of an era for a guy who was pretty well universally loved in Nashville.

Week 7 vs. Los Angeles Chargers – How crazy is it to look back at this one in the grand scheme of the season? Even if everything had panned out the same way, how close were the Titans to being 8-8 just because of this game? Jurrell Casey causing the fumble at the goal line…the clock running out. Did a game end in more dramatic fashion for the Titans this season?

Week 10 vs. Kansas City Chiefs – This was the game that really ignited the Titans. After losing to what ended up being a pretty pedestrian Carolina Panthers team, the Titans came out and shocked the Chiefs in thrilling fashion. The Rashaan Evans scoop n’ score, Ryan Tannehill hitting Adam Humphries for the game winner, and Joshua Kalu blocking a field goal all made for high drama. This win kickstarted the Titans on a run that wouldn’t end until the AFC Championship.

Wild Card @ New England Patriots – I actually thought the Pats were in trouble going into this game just because of their offense. But, I had no idea the Titans defense would bow the fuck up the way they did. You had that goal line stand that still gives me chills when I think about it. Logan Ryan dropped a pick-six, only to put the game away with one later on in the game. Not so “laughable” now, are they, Mr. Brady?

Divisional Round @ Baltimore Ravens – When you say ‘2019 Titans,’ I immediately think of Derrick Henry putting Earl Thomas on skates. With all the shit talking going on the week of, how historic that Ravens offense was, and of course, all of the bad blood in this Titans-Ravens rivalry, this one just felt big. It was the upset that very few saw coming. I’d say it was the highlight of this season, but that’s just me.

AFC Championship @ Kansas City Chiefs – The fact that the Titans made it to the AFC Championship after starting 2-4 still hits funny. It’s unbelievable. We’ll never forget the image of Dennis Kelly catching a touchdown to put the Titans up by 10. It really felt like they were going to shock the world and pull off the upset. Alas, the Chiefs gonna Chiefs. It’s still a measuring stick of where this team is, and it’s one of if not THE highlight of the 2019 season. I also happen to believe that it’s a sign that the window is opening for this Titans team.

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