Apparently It Is Frowned Upon to Swing a Chainsaw at People Outside Gas Stations in North Nashville

Some guy was arrested for criminal trespassing after he was asked to leave the gas station because he was swinging a chainsaw at people.

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We’ve got our latest instance of art being prosecuted in this country. What a shame – you can’t even swing a chainsaw around at people anymore without being asked to leave the gas station. And, if you come back after they ask you to leave, apparently, that’s “trespassing.” What is this country coming to?

Courtesy of WKRN:

A man is accused of repeatedly revving a chainsaw at people outside of a gas station in North Nashville Wednesday morning in an attempt to scare them.

Well, did it work?! Was he scaring people?! It sure sounds like it. I would say his mission was a success. I would love to know where this man’s next art installation is.

Who knows why he picked North Nashville to do this? Maybe he would’ve been able to pull it off if he tried it somewhere else like inside Bridgestone Arena or on the roof top of Acme.

Or, I could have this totally wrong. It could be possible (although I’m not saying it’s likely) that this man just needed help cutting down a huge tree in the vicinity. Maybe he didn’t quite know how to ask for help, so he was like, “man, if they see me with this chainsaw, they will immediately get what I’m going for here and we’ll get that big pine taken care of.” He had just gassed that chainsaw up and that’s probably why he was at the gas station..

We can’t always just assume that any man with a chainsaw is either trying to scare people or is creating art. Sometimes, people use chainsaws to actually work with stuff, y’know?

OR – get this, I JUST thought of it – maybe he thought it was October and was trying to get into the mood of Spooky Season.

There are just so many variables that factor into a story like this – we can’t just assume he was trying to scare people and then arrest him for that. Would you arrest him for trying to cut a tree down? I think not.

I’ve made my point here.

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