Who the Hell Ever Greenlit the Shaker Heights Spike?!?!

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This clip made the rounds on wrestling Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and I was just completely blown away by it. This could very well be the sickest tag team professional wrestling maneuver of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s watch what I’ve learned through journalistic research is called the Shaker Heights Spike as performed by The Beverly Brothers:

I love this clip so much. The Beverly Brothers just legit murdered this poor guy, and the crowd is just kinda like ‘meh.’ Even Vince McMahon seems to have no idea how to react to it on commentary. But, that one woman in the front row is loving it. It sounds like she might be the only person in the whole damn arena who is in to it. Maybe no one else was paying attention, because I don’t know how you could see such a dramatic act of raw violence and just not respond at all.

If this happened at an indie show in 2020…err….2019, we’ll say…the roof would blow off the building. No way in hell you’ll ever see anything like that in a WWE ring again, but you know some guys would try it out on the indies, and it would instantly gain a ‘holy shit’ chant. What I need to know is just who the hell thought the Shaker Heights Spike was a good idea?

How about Jerry Lawler just chiming in, saying the move was “almost as tough as a Frankensteiner?!” Are you fucking kidding me??!?!?! Maybe if you were taking a Frankensteiner from Scott Steiner in 2020, it’d be more dangerous than this move, but this ain’t it, Burger King. I guess you couldn’t let The Beverly Brothers come for the Steiner Brothers’ spot back in the day. Can’t possibly allow them to get more over because they’re literally driving dudes’ heads into the ring from 10 feet in the air.

Side note: when I was kid, I thought people calling Lawler the Burger King was fucking peak comedy gold.

Are The Beverly Brothers…like…apart of the Mandela effect or something? I swear, I don’t remember them ever existing, and yet – here they are…spiking this man’s head into the mat. Maybe this isn’t a good example of the Mandela effect, but you get what I’m saying there.

The Shaker Heights Spike, man – who knew?! Someone needs to try this in a bar fight and film it.

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