Chattanooga Film Festival 2020: Shorts

Brittany Fernandez caught three shorts at the 2020 Chattanooga Film Festival - read her thoughts on all three here!

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Last Friday morning, when my eyes popped open, I was immediately ready to take on the day. I stretched, let the dog out, poured myself a cup of coffee, and made my way to the Chattanooga Film Festival. Only I didn’t have to drive two hours and past Ruby Falls to get there. The festival was going to happen in my house. I gathered my snacks and started to plan out my day.

Chattanooga Film Festival 2020: Shorts

FATALE COLLECTIVE: BLEED: I popped on another horror anthology, but this time we have a group of all female directors coming together for Bleed. This short snippet of stories is all about going through life as a woman. The stories display some of the most strange and brutal emotions and events that happen daily. I had an overwhelming sense of relief seeing some of those unexplained emotions come to life in Bleed. It felt very palpable.

THE BOOGEYWOMAN: Admittedly, the title drew me in with this short film. The Boogeywoman has multiple layers dealing with puberty, abandonment, local legends, and bullying. It’s an incredible feat to squeeze all of those themes into an 18 minute movie, but director Erica Scoggins is definitely up for the challenge. The story is not only intriguing, but it is also accompanied by really beautiful cinematography. There is a long shot at the end of The Boogeywoman that is uncomfortable and lends so much to the mystery of the story. 

I WHO HAVE NO ONE: The next short film I watched was I Who Have No One. This movie was about a woman who is consumed with how other women look in magazines. She has an inner dialogue that is quite aggressive and it leads her down a path of murder and mutilation. I enjoyed the overall concept of this story, but I felt like it could have benefited from some scenes being cut. The direction was a bit all over the place. The end credit scene when we find out our main character is likely now a serial killer is the most cohesive and entertaining part of the film.

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