Does USA Today Not Know What a Duet Is?

USA Today fired off a tweet that described a duet in vivid detail without calling it a duet. That begs the question: do they know what a duet is?

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For just about as long as I can remember, USA Today has been one of the major institutions of American journalism. Like every other outlet in 2020, it’s had to adapt to the ever-changing digital media landscape and social media trends. I know it all too well. It’s tough sleddin’ out there when you’re trying to wade through all the bullshit and just get your work in front of the right people. The pressure of social media in this day and age can feel overwhelming. Still, that said and all things considered, you can’t put someone on the Twitter feed who doesn’t know what a duet is, and that’s exactly what this seems like.

Did a child write this? Do we need to start investigating USA Today for some sort of violation of child labor laws? This is like one of those frustrating situations in which you’re trying to recall someone’s name that you went to high school….”you know, what’s his name? The guy that threw up in the middle of the pep rally?”

“Gah, what’s that thing called when one person sings a verse, another person sings a different verse, and they both sing some on the choruses?”

Look y’all – it might be funny to those of you reading this post. But, this is just the nature of the beast. It’s like you don’t have time for the word ‘duet’ to come to mind. You HAVE to get out there and get it in the news cycle ASAP. There’s no time to wait and you don’t have so much as a single second to spare. That’s why you just gotta fire stuff off. I mean, could someone somewhere along the way have stepped in and immediately been like, “oh, a ‘duet’ – you’re talking about a duet?” Sure!

But, that’s just how working in social media has conditioned some of us.

I don’t know who wrote this tweet, but honestly, I want more tweets like this. Some are suggesting they fire the social media rep that was responsible for this, but I think this person might have found a way to completely reinvigorate the USA Today brand.

Start describing shit in great detail without calling it what it actually is. I can picture it now: “Joe Biden shares his recipe for a dish that you bake that has cheese, some sort of tomato sauce, and pepperonis on it.

Instant comedy gold. The ball’s in your court, USA Today.

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