My Tennessee Titans All-Time Mount Rushmore (Offense)

Stoney and Mose offer up their Mount Rushmore of the Tennessee Titans offense all-time on the latest episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast!

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Alright, y’all – it’s officially time for #OffseasonContent mode. There’s not a whole lot going on with the Tennessee Titans right now, so John Mosley and I decided to kick the ‘Mount Rushmore’ conversations into motion. On the latest episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast, we offered up our own personal choices for our Titans Mount Rushmore of offense.

But, there are two important distinctions to make here. One, we’re talking about Titans only….the Houston Oilers part of this franchise’s history were excluded. Two, we’re taking Steve McNair and Eddie George out of the equation. I don’t know….maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like those two would be too easy. So, taking out Houston Oilers, McNair, and George allowed us to make this a more interesting and, I dare say, difficult discussion.

You can hear Mose’s list on the new episode linked below, but here is the list I came to:

Chris Johnson

I don’t remember another Titans player in the franchise’s history that was such a threat to score ANY time they had the ball. When CJ2K got going, you just held your breath – I don’t think he’d ever get in, but I think his 2009 season was special enough to warrant consideration for the Hall of Fame. He is second only to George in rushing yards in Titans history.

Derrick Henry

It may seem a little early to put Henry up here, but when you look at the numbers, he’s already firmly entrenched as #3 in both rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in Titans history. Also, y’all – we’re talkin’ favorites, and I am a Bama fan on Saturdays, so…duh. *shrugs*

Delanie Walker

#82 is only behind Derrick Mason, Frank Wycheck, and Nate Washington in receiving yards. He’s only behind Mason in touchdowns. He played seven seasons with the Titans, but always felt underrated in the larger discussion of tight ends in the NFL. But, for me, it’s his attitude and being one of the leaders of this franchise through its worst years that stands out about Delanie Walker. Also, “draft a fuckin’ tight end!”

Vince Young

I know some eyebrows just raised out there and that’s fine. Some have called him a bust, but that’s completely unfair. If you don’t remember the buzz and excitement in Nashville when the team drafted VY, take a look back at that rookie season in 2006. There were moments that were completely special, and it looked like he was poised to become one of the most electric players in the NFL.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for VY – he was an embattled guy during his NFL run, and I’m not quite sure that Jeff Fisher ever really knew what to do with him. Looking at the quarterback of today, I wonder if his skillset made him a little ahead of his time. I know the main criticism of Young is that he wasn’t exactly a student of the game, but I think it’s also fair to say, he was never really in an ideal situation.

I could go on and on about why I like VY here (and, I do on this episode), but if I’m answering this question honestly, #10 was one of my favorite Titans on offense.

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