Our Mount Juliet Restaurant Rankings

Stoney Keeley pools together all the reviews the SoBros team has done for restaurants in Mount Juliet.

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Given that the pandemic kept us out of downtown Nashville for the better part of 2020, I had to get a little creative in order to hit my quota of Nashville Reviews here on SoBros Network. I ended up doing a ton of food truck reviews (linked below), where I could just pick up my food, snap photos, and eat it within the comfort of my own home. And, I ended up staying around my neck of the woods, Mount Juliet, where the crowds were nowhere near as wild, rowdy, drunk, or naked as they are down on Broadway. After awhile, I figured, “hell…why not pull these sumbitches out separate and compile my own Mount Juliet Restaurant Rankings out of ’em?” So, here we are.

Now, hear me out – I feel like, at one point or another, I’ve been to just about every damn bar and cafe in this town. But, I haven’t written reviews for all of them. That’s the caveat here – just because your favorite spot isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I just haven’t gotten to it yet – so chill, in advance. I’m well aware that Big Bad Wolf is the G.O.A.T. of this town. You don’t have to tell me. I’ll get around to ’em all at some point, but for now, just enjoy SoBros Network’s catalog of Mount Juliet Reviews, and maybe find a new place or two to try.

Mount Juliet Restaurant Rankings

The Elite

M.L.Rose (8.19) – full review – “This was a meal for the ages. It was one of those meals that just nourish your soul – beyond the satisfaction of a full stomach, you’re just left sitting there, feeling whole, appreciating the sunshine and the wind blowing through the trees….that type of spiritual shit. M.L.Rose is like a fucking natural high. I could not have asked for a better burger, better pretzel bites, any possible beer desire I had could be met with that beer list, and the vibe and service was impeccable. They deserve every compliment they get, but one thing I think they do particularly well is putting a creative touch on their menu while also doing the basics right – they’re different, yet classic at the same time. A little bit of something different for everyone.”

Memo’s Mexican Kitchen (8.15)full review – “Memo’s has an extensive menu of great items, but I haven’t been able to shake the profound effect their quesabirria has had on me since the first time I tried it late in 2020. I don’t know how to describe it other than “I would bathe in this if no one stopped me.” That’s what I had for this particular meal, and it was fantastic as always – it’s smooth, rich, and hearty, but it has just the right amount of spice to dazzle the palate. The guacamole autentico might not be what you think of when you think of ‘guacamole,’ but for me, it’s the superior version of guacamole. You can’t get much more fresh than this appetizer, and I absolutely love the sting that the jalapenos on top provide. For the sake of getting a thorough review of course, I had to try some of Aura’s fajitas and found the chicken to be seasoned and cooked to perfection. I’ve yet to have a bad meal at Memo’s.”

Hibachi Jr. (Mount Juliet) (7.75) – full review – “The quality of this steak really sealed the deal on this dish, but I don’t want to overlook the rest of the entree. The vegetables were crisp, even after sitting in the box for 20 or so minutes during my commute. The rice was just the right amount of “sticky” and balanced flavor-wise. They also included plenty of Yum-Yum sauce, which most people in this area will truly appreciate.” –Cadbury

The Papermill (7.35) full review – “I can be a bit of a contrarian by nature. When something is hyped up to the point that The Papermill had been by the internet, my natural inclination was to stand against it. “Yeah right…can’t be that good,” I’d tell myself. But, in this case, no…it delivered to the level of hype its received and then some. I’m already looking forward to my next meal there, and I have no issue with anyone that wants to say this is among the best restaurants in Mount Juliet. The Papermill belongs in that discussion.”

Smiley Thai and Sushi (7.25)full review – “Upon completion of the meal, I just sat there staring at the wall, processing what I had just consumed. It was nourishing. Like…beyond just being an enjoyable meal, it was truly satisfying. I felt like I probably could’ve gone without food for three days after that and been fine. It felt like a warm fire on a cold winter’s day. You just can’t get that everywhere. It was culinary poetry.”

The Good (6-7)

Yummy Pho Bac (6.87) – full review – “I’m not kidding when I say it’s some of the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had. It’s definitely the best in the Mount Juliet area east of Nashville, and I’d put it right up there with the best in the entire region.”

Barrel House (6.86)full review – “Barrel House offers up a complete, relaxing, and satisfying dining experience. Our service was fantastic. Our meal left us all needing to unbutton our pants. And, the drinks were as good as ever. You might pay more of a premium, but it’s in rare air out here in Mount Juliet as one of the few places that you can go and have a nice meal with a nice cocktail in an intimate enough setting that you can still hear your friends talking across the table from you. Barrel House is totally worth it.”

Hurt’s Hot Chicken (6.67) – full review – “This instantly becomes our highest rated Nashville hot chicken, and deservedly so.”

Slim Chickens (6.65) – full review – “Five wings tossed in mango habanero sauce. Five tendies with the sweet chili sauce on the side. Fries and a slice of Texas toast. $12 – are you kidding me?!?!”

Martin’s BBQ Joint (6.65)full review – “In my opinion, it’s pretty easily the best BBQ in town, pound for pound. I do like Edley’s and Peg Leg Porker quite a bit, but if I’m splitting hairs here, I’m giving Martin’s the crown as Nashville’s king of BBQ.”

The Glade Diner (6.57) – full review – “You go to The Glade Diner for the food, plain and simple. Fairly priced and loaded with down home flavor, there isn’t a substitute for miles.”


The below average and the bad: this might be controversial, and some might say I’m not doing real journalism here, but I’ve excluded those restaurants that have gotten a score of five or below. Those reviews are still live on the site, but I’m not gonna rub anyone’s nose through it twice over by including ’em here. To be completely fair, it’s entirely possible we just caught these spots on a bad night, so I’m not going to keep stirring that kind stuff up.


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