National Championship Drinking Game 2022: Alabama vs. Georgia

It's here - your official unofficial National Championship Drinking Game for 2022.

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It’s hard to believe it, but here we are at the end of another season of college football. What started way back in August concludes tonight when the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs square off in Indianapolis. I want you all to know that as the internet’s official unofficial kings of the drinking game, I take this responsibility very seriously, and it is my obligation to the world to provide you all with the National Championship Drinking Game for 2022. If I do nothing else in my lifetime, at least I have these drinking games. This is getting kind of sad, but I promise it’s just because of the bittersweet emotion running through my body right now as a Tide fan that is excited about the game, but a college football fan that is a little down about the end of another season and the inevitable passing of time.

For Alabama, this was an interesting season. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that this Tide team was nowhere near as dominant as Tide teams of the past. If you listened to the College Football Roundup podcast on SoBros Network throughout the season, you heard me talk about how different this team felt and how I didn’t even think they’d make the College Football Playoff. Despite having the Heisman winner, Bryce Young, at quarterback, and an embarrassment of riches on offense, they played some real nail-biters this season (Florida, Texas A&M, LSU, Auburn). Nick Saban talked about the added pressure to win that comes with the type of sustained success that Alabama has had over the years – how you’re constantly faced with National Championship expectations, and you’re getting everyone’s best shot every week. Maybe that’s what was “wrong” with Alabama this season – but, it’s moot regardless because when it counted the most, in the SEC Championship, the Tide got things right and walloped the Bulldogs 41-24.

For the Bulldogs, this was an historic season to say the least. That defense was going down as one of the greatest the sport had ever seen before it gave up to 41 to Alabama. But, they reasserted their dominance against the Michigan Wolverines in the semi-final. If you go back and look at that SEC Championship game, the key to me was that Alabama got up early and I don’t know how likely that is to happen again tonight. There’s still a wealth of talent on that defense, and getting a strong start will be key to tonight’s game. Kirby Smart has built that Georgia program to be a perennial threat for a National Championship. Now, it’s about cashing in and taking that next step to win one.

From a betting standpoint, the spread is sitting at Bulldogs -2.5 at the time of this writing. Remember, though – spreads aren’t necessarily an indicator of what sports books think will happen. It’s based off of what they think they can get out of the public. Most casual fans are going to see that number and bet ‘Bama big time (according to Vegas Insider, 60% of bets placed against the spread are on Alabama right now). So, if you bet on juju – this one might point to a comfortable Bulldogs cover. That’s my Jedi mind trick theory, anyway. The point total is set at 52.5, and folks – you’re on your own with that one. I could see this game going either way – a 17-14 defensive battle, or a 41-38 fireworks show. It’s going to be a fun one regardless, so let’s get to the 2022 National Championship Drinking Game! LFG!



  • Someone mentions Nick Saban’s six titles – did y’all know he’s won six titles?
  • Take another drink if they mention his 25-1 record against former assistants.
  • Someone calls the Bulldogs defense “vaunted.” Double drink if they call it “historically good.”
  • You hear either of the words ‘covid’ or ‘protocol.’ Get a DD lined up for this rule.
  • The “NFL talent” on the field is mentioned.
  • Any player registers a sack or an interception.
  • Someone mentions the SEC Championship or the 2018 National Championship. Take another drink if they specifically use the word ‘rematch.’ You’ve already got your DD – might want to get an EMT on the line for this one…
  • Bryce Young throws a touchdown.
  • Bryce Young evades a sack.
  • Stetson Bennett throws a touchdown
  • Jameson Williams catches a pass.
  • Brock Bowers catches a pass.
  • Will Anderson registers a tackle – take a second drink if they follow it up by mentioning that he received the 2nd most first place votes for the Heisman.
  • Brian Robinson rushes for 10+ yards.
  • Nick Saban -or- Kirby Smart is shown yelling on the sideline.


  • They actually hit the over (52.5).
  • There is a defensive or special teams touchdown. Yes, that means take a shot for each one scored.
  • They actually show the highlight of 2nd & 26…
  • Either quarterback – Young or Bennett – puts five total touchdowns on the board.
  • The game ends. That’s right, folks. It’s a bittersweet day. We won’t witness another college football game until late August/early September. No matter who your team is, who you were rooting for in this game, or what – raise a glass, make a toast to this wonderful sport we love, and drink to another fun season in the books.

As usual, stay safe and responsible out there. If you drink, don’t drive. Do the watermelon crawl.

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