Yankee Candle’s Top 10 Spring Fragrances

Gear up for the change in seasons with Stoney Keeley's list of the best spring scents Yankee Candle has to offer!

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I can’t believe the time has already changed. I had barely adjusted to the winter schedule and now BOOM – it’s still light at 6:30PM. It’s a reminder that spring is just around the corner, and if you don’t already have a closet stocked full of Yankee Candle goodness, allow me to get you ready for the season with my list of the greatest spring fragrances Yankee Candle has produced!

Yankee Candle’s Top 10 Spring Fragrances

10. White Gardenia – full review – This is another one of those scents that just takes me back. I love a good floral and fresh combo for the late spring/early summer, and that’s what we have here in White Gardenia. It reminds me of visiting my grandparents’ house that time of year – I’d be playing outside, shooting some basketball or something, and then I’d have to come rushing inside to take a dump. My granny always had some sort of air freshener that kind of smelled like White Gardenia. So, that’s what it reminds me of….taking a dump at my grandparents’ house.

9. Sweet Honeysuckle – Lord, take me back to the days of my childhood, sleeping in, watching Little House on the Prairie, eating oatmeal and bacon, and then going outside to play until it got dark. That’s what Sweet Honeysuckle reminds me of…mainly because I used to eat that shit all the time as a kid. We had some fresh honeysuckle bushes right outside the house.

8. Cherry Blossom – Oh, how I miss Cherry Blossom. My heart longs for your subtle transitional scent from Valentine’s Day into the spring. It was like being in Washington DC when the cherry blossoms bloom. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard a lot about it and am just projecting that. Nonetheless, it is one of the all-time great spring fragrances from Yankee’s catalog.

7. Fresh Mint – There’s just something about Fresh Mint in that late spring/early summer window that is both Earthy and refreshing. It would definitely be higher on this list if it didn’t make me want a mojito every time I burned it. It’s so hard to find, though – I think I’ve only had two large jars of it my entire life. So, if you see one on your shelf, pick one up for your boy.

6. Lucky Shamrock – full review – This is a blissful spring candle that you can burn beyond just St. Patrick’s Day, but holy shit, if you only want to burn this candle on St. Patrick’s Day, it will last you the rest of your life. Anyway, I love Lucky Shamrock because it takes the more traditional grassy and Earthy scents and adds a little moisture to it. It smells like you’ve just walked into a cave, and I don’t know about you guys, but I fucking LOVE the way caves smell.

5. Green Grass – Green Grass should not smell as good as it does. It’s one of those candles that you read the label, you smell it and indeed realize that that does smell just like fresh cut grass, and you think, “there’s no way.” But, yes way – there’s no quicker way to get your house smelling like the freshness and renewal of spring and summer than by burning Green Grass.

4. Hydrangea – full review – I don’t think the floral scents get the credit they deserve in the candle game. Yankee Candle is the GOAT of floral scents, and Hydrangea is no exception. I don’t know what’s different about the ‘blue’ variant, but it’s out there, too. This one is a springtime classic. Blue Hydrangea has been discontinued, so it’s pretty hard to find, but you should be able to find a stray Hydrangea on your shelves in the ‘Returning Favorites’ section some time.

3. Fresh Cut Roses – It might sound like a stark contrast to go from the holiday and tree scents directly to a floral scent, but I find that Fresh Cut Roses is a nice bridge between winter and spring, something to burn right around Valentine’s Day. It could also trick your wife or girlfriend into thinking there are actual roses in the house. It’s that close to the real thing.

2. Meadow Showers – full review – You have a plethora of options when it comes to the fresh spring fragrances with Yankee Candle, but after much thoughtful and journalistic deliberation, I’m saying that Meadow Showers is the best of ’em. Nothing captures the essence of bathing nude in a fresh and natural spring quite like Meadow Showers. I can feel the wind blowing on the tip of my penis just typing this. It’s a great late spring/early summer scent.

1. Garden Sweet Pea – I usually go fresh and floral for my spring time candle rotation, but what I love about Garden Sweet Pea is that it does have just that oh-so-subtle hint of sweetness to it that makes it stand apart from the other spring fragrances. It’s been retired, but every now and then, you’ll see it pop up in the returning favorites section. So, keep an eye out for it and stash it away for the next spring.

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