Podcast: Do Y’all Realize How Close Arizona Is to 7-0?

McCash and Stoney break down the Pac-12, the Heisman race, Ohio State vs. Penn State, and much more on the latest episode of the College Football Roundup!

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It’s time for another new episode of the College Football Roundup! We are starting to get down into the nitty gritty of the 2023 college football season, and man are there some interesting conference races going on. Specifically in the Pac-12, there are five contenders in the hunt. As these teams start to cannibalize one another, McCash and I weigh in on which team we think is most likely to fall out of the race this week. We also weigh in on the Big Ten race as those three heavyweights in the Big Ten East are going to start sorting themselves out this weekend as Ohio State takes on Penn State. And, we talk about how the ACC has quietly become a pretty interesting race as Louisville, Duke, and even North Carolina have outperformed expectations.

The Heisman race feels like it’s anybody’s ball game right now. I’m not sure that one player has really risen up as the clear frontrunner, and you could reasonably make an argument for at least five different players. I don’t know about you guys, but it always makes that ceremony a little more exciting when we don’t quite know who’s going to win. McCash and I offer up our thoughts on who the hardware should go to at this point in the season while acknowledging the plethora of candidates who could make a run at it.

Of course, we have to drop in a few lunatic nuggets – like, did you guys realize how close the Arizona Wildcats are to a 7-0 record? What’s going to happen if Iowa runs the table and plays spoiler in the Big Ten title game? A 12-1 playoff team that is scoring like 9 points per game? Sign me up. Then, we dip into our weekly ‘Group of Five’ talk, discussing which teams are in position to grab that spot in the Fiesta Bowl this season. As a side note, I’m still begging the football gods to give us an Air Force-Iowa Fiesta Bowl. All this and more on the latest College Football Roundup!

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