The Arkansas Freshmen Watching ‘The Polar Express’ at Halftime Saturday Is Weird Energy

Nothing gets you fired up for a football game like The Polar Express.

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Things haven’t exactly been going according to plan this season for the Arkansas Razorbacks. That may be an understatement. They’re sitting there at 3-7 overall and 1-6 in the SEC. Though they’ve played some teams tough this season, it’s been a massive disappointment and now Sam Pittman‘s seat is starting to warm up. Now, as if things couldn’t get any weirder, we’re talking about a clip that went viral over the weekend of some Razorbacks players hilariously watching The Polar Express on TBS at halftime of a game that Arkansas would go on to lose 48-10 at the hands of a mid Auburn Tigers program. You just can’t make this shit up.

It was later confirmed by Pittman that this did indeed happen, but it happened in the redshirt locker room. So, I guess that makes it a little bit better that it was just freshmen doing this. Still, it’s a weird energy and I think that’s what makes it so funny to me. In reality, these dudes are probably just checked out of the game and watching whatever is on the television in that locker room. But, that’s not as good of a story. As a writer of fiction, let me take it from here.

These guys were trying to harness the miracle of Christmas to use as motivation to mount the comeback. Christmas energy is a highly underrated motivator because it’s such a strong energy – you feel a deep love for your friends and family. You feel a deep connection to the innocence and purity of your childhood. And, you can channel that into pure effort on the field. Knowing these Razorbacks were down bad, the freshmen took it upon themselves to try a different tactic, and it works. Feeling hyper festive, Arkansas comes out of the locker room and makes the come back, winning the game 54-48 and continuing their push for bowl eligibility. That’s the story someone needs to write out of this whole thing!

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