This Guy Built an Entire Video Store in His Basement and It Rules

We need more cool hideouts in basements in general, but this video store in particular rules.

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I need more sick ass basements in my life. I need lairs in my life. Not just bonus rooms and man caves, but stuff that has a theme…stuff that is so immersive it gets me out of the day-to-day grind. The man in this video below has the exact idea I’m talking about. He has completely fabricated an old video store in his basement. It feels like a labyrinth from room to room, and it feels like stepping into a time machine and popping up in the glorious video stores of yesteryear. All hail Mondo Video.

Yes, I love it. Well done. Salute, sir. This is the kind of escapism we need more of. I love all the different rooms. I love the concession stand, and I love that sick theater room. These are goals to strive for, though my wife might have something to say about that. What kind of a job does one have to get in this economy to make something like this happen? It’s the closest thing to time travel we have, so technically, it would be in the name of science to build something like this, right?

I’m reminded of the house with the old timey village in the basement. Regardless, sick basement remodels need to become a more common occurrence. This needs to be a new corner of the internet, or if there’s already a corner of the internet for sick basement remodels, someone please let me know. I might try to recreate Narnia in mine one day.

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