Half Naked Coach O Selling Gym Shorts Is Pure Testosterone

Coach O is out here hustling, and he's doing it without a shirt on.

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Coach O might be my favorite figure in all of college football history…not for any particular reason other than he may be one of the sport’s greatest characters of all time. I mean, yeah – he’s got a National Championship ring and all, but it’s really not about what his teams have done on the field. At all. It’s about the way this man oozes machismo off the field. He’s highly quotable and fun-loving. What’s not to love about this man outside of (allegedly) letting his girlfriend’s kids run around at LSU practices? That’s why I’m happy to see that he’s landed on his own two feet after getting canned and is now using his pure unfiltered testosterone to sell lightweight gym shorts.

I think we’ve seen enough of Coach O running around without his shirt on to conclude that he likes this kind of stuff. I’m not going to be surprised if it ever comes out that this man is an exhibitionist. Someone needs to account for Coach O’s whereabouts during Fantasy Fest down in Key West recently. Anyway, I love that this man still clearly has his fastball. He’s got that body like he can put down a cold one or 20 but he still works out like a maniac every day because he’s an athlete. They need to put this video up on PornHub. I’m sure there’s a market for this – not only is it highlighting what an athlete in his prime looks like, but it’s also bound to get people riled up in their nether regions too. That’s just science.

By the way, I don’t know that I really understand lightweight gym shorts. I sweat so much that I feel like I kinda need heavyweight gym shorts…something that’s not going to show all the sweat. Otherwise, I’m going to be super embarrassed. This isn’t the product for me, and yet, here I am thinking about buying a pair because of the raw sexual charisma of Coach O. I guess you won this time, Rhoback.

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