The Best of Drinking With…2023

Season 3 of 'Drinking With...' is in the books, and boy, what a year it was on the movie show that takes a walk to the bar to review films turning 21 this year!

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Season 3 of Drinking With…, the movie podcast where we take a walk to the bar with movies as they approach the legal drinking age right here in the United States of America, is in the books, and boy, what a season it was. After a successful first and second season, we managed to pack in 16 new episodes to the catalog in 2023! Of course, our pool of movies to choose from was deep, and while we didn’t have a Christmas movie to cover again this year, we had a wealth of horror efforts that led to us releasing a new one each week in October. Steven McCash’s work on this show never ceases to amaze me, and it’s always one of the most fun shows to record here on SoBros Network. So, pour a cocktail and join me as I relive my five favorite episodes we put out during what was a great year for this promising podcast.

The Best of Drinking With…2023

Ep. 34: Drinking With…Signslink – The birthday party scene from this movie gave me nightmares for weeks after seeing it. I jumped at the chance to revisit this flick, and it was one of the rare instances that Brandon, McCash, and I were all simpatico on a movie. That made for a fun show.

Ep. 39: Drinking With…Adaptationlink – I loved this movie. It ended up becoming an instant classic in my book. I totally get why Nicolas Cage got his flowers for this one. It’s always fun to discover movies like this through this podcast.

Ep. 43: Drinking With…Jason Xlink – I’ve never even seen this movie, but I know what a polarizing flick it is within the Friday the 13th mythology. It was so fun to sit in on this one and hear McCash and Brittany break this thing down from a million different angles.

Ep. 45: Drinking With…The Ring – It feels like a bit of a cop out to put our Halloween live stream in the ‘best of’ list every single year, but I don’t care! It’s one of my favorite things we do here at SoBros Network each and every year. This year’s show was no different! Shout out to Danger Zone Video in Mount Juliet.

Ep. 46: Drinking With…Mr. Deedslink – While I was somewhat disappointed to revisit this movie and find that 37-year-old Stoney didn’t like this nearly as much as 15-year-old Stoney did, this turned into a pretty damn fun discussion on the career of Adam Sandler.

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