The Best Of The SoBros Power Hour, 2023

Catch that Friday feeling and look back at some of the best SoBros Power Hour episodes of 2023!

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The SoBros Power Hour will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first podcast we ever did, all the way back in 2013. It’s fun. It’s funny. And, it’s always just so easy to pull off with a lighthearted tone and good chemistry with whoever is sitting across the table from me. But, the reality is that it’s our least downloaded show. So, when things start having to get cut from the week’s schedule because my life has gotten too busy, the Power Hour is usually the first to go. I want to do better about that in 2024. For now, let’s look back at my five favorite episodes from 2023 as I try to give you that Friday feeling one more time this year.

The Best Of The SoBros Power Hour, 2023

Ep. 88: Valentine’s Day in Nashvillelink – It may not be evergreen, but this episode was a blast and hell, who knows? Maybe it’s still relevant to listen to. It’s been awhile for me. It’s always a good time when Owen and I get together.

Ep. 97: Travel Pod on Apalachicola, Floridalink – I discovered one of my favorite places on the planet this year, Apalachicola, Florida. For residents of the mid-state who will get this reference, I called it “if they put Smithville, Tennessee by the ocean.” It was a fantastic place to relax and just a 15-minute drive to the beach along Florida’s “Forgotten Coast.”

Nashville Creator Series, Ep. 09: Penny Haaslink – Okay, not technically a Power Hour, but I published it on the Power Hour feed because the Nashville Creator Series feed has been down for a while now. This was such a special podcast, getting to hear Penny’s story about how she got into event planning, reliving our wedding, and having my wife hop on the mics with us to relive our big day too.

Ep. 100: Travel Pod on Hemingway Days in Key Westlink – I hate to double down on travel pods when I’m talking about my five favorite episodes of the “Nashville news and humor” podcast, but this show was great. If I’m being honest, it was pretty easily one of my five favorite Power Hours of the year. Our buddy RHog came by fresh off of his trip to Key West to tell us all about it.

Ep. 101: Memories of the Wilson County Fairlink – We’ve done some fun content about the Wilson County Fair throughout the years, but never really made the time to sit down and talk about it. I was happy to do that with Brandon earlier this year. The Wilson County Fair is one of if not the premiere event in Wilson County each and every year.

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