2024 Senior Bowl Practice Notes, Day 2

Stoney Keeley shares his observations from Day 2 of Senior Bowl practice.

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This is late tonight, I know. I’ve had a few IPAs and I’m sunburnt to shit. I don’t feel like writing a decent intro so here you go – my Senior Bowl practice day two notes.

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National Team

  • OG Sataoa Laumea had a great day. I noticed him a bit yesterday, but today, he had a good rep popping the first guy and resetting for the block at the second level. He shows functional strength, particularly with his strong hands. There were some slip-ups in technique, but I thought he was consistently popping guys high and not giving up rushing lanes inside.
  • OG Isaiah Adams is just a fun all-around offensive lineman. Dude struggled against lateral quickness when a rusher cut inside, but by and large, he was gritty, got his ass down and his hands up, and won his fair share of reps stonewalling dudes. I don’t know if he’s a right guard or a left guard, but he looks like a good value add.
  • I want to talk more about DL Gabe Hall. He blew up Jackson Powers-Johnson at guard, abused Tanor Bortolini, but couldn’t generate enough power in his bull rush to push back Isaiah Adams down. That’s indicative of how I see him as a prospect. I don’t know what to do with him – is he powerful enough to play inside and bull rush? Is he quick enough to play outside and rush the passer? I don’t know, but he’s a pure disruptor with a lot of potential.
  • Whatever spark I saw from OT Roger Rosengarten on Day 1 has flamed out on Day 2. He was easily pushed off balance on a rep, and just looks light in some matchups.
  • OL Dominick Puni got some reps at center! He had a good day doing it too. I particularly liked his patience in tracking the movement coming across and inside today.
  • DL Brandon Dorlus ate OC Kingsley Eguakun’s lunch on a play. Like Hall, Dorlus is a guy I feel isn’t being talked about enough this week.
  • DL Dewayne Carter is one meaty dude that plays with pure power.
  • For some reason, I just wrote in my notebook in all caps “MARSHAWN KNEELAND.” I don’t remember why.
  • S Evan Williams had a PBU on TE Brevyn Spann-Ford. I’m eager to dig into his tape more.
  • EDGE Javon Solomon is so damn quick crossing inside.
  • RB Dylan Laube is a natural pass catcher with soft hands.
  • The right side of the offensive line was awesome when it was Eguakun at center, Laumea at right guard, and Fuaga at right tackle.
  • WR Luke McCaffrey had a good rep on CB Max Melton on which he juked him loose and broke outside.
  • WR Ricky Pearsall looked crisp today.
  • I like RB Kimani Vidal. He’s stout and compact, but looks shifty in the open field and has some potential as a natural pass catcher.
  • CB Cam Hart was hip-to-hip with WR Roman Wilson down the field.

American Team

  • The OL vs DL 1:1s for the American Team continue to be the most hyped and intense matchups of the day.
  • I talked about OT Tyler Guyton yesterday, his stance, his hand usage, and how it made him look a little raw. But today, he got his hands leveled and his center of gravity low – kinda cool to see the impact of coaching here at the Senior Bowl in just a day’s time.
  • Regarding the viral DT T’Vondre Sweat rep on Beaux Limmer…if Sweat can just do that, he’ll be fine. That was a pulverizing initial punch followed up by the arm extension to control Limmer’s balance and keep him from getting his hands on him. He ended up on the ground. It was fucking nuts.
  • OG Christian Haynes has disciplined feet that allow him to sink his hips and get into his stance. He was iron clad today and built upon what is shaping up to be an awesome week for him.
  • If “low man wins” was a person, it would be Charles Turner III.
  • EDGE Darius Robinson is a freak. The buzz today was that he might just end up in the first round, and yeah…I wouldn’t be mad about it.
  • It was a good day for American Team cornerbacks Andru Phillips and Jarvis Brownlee, Jr..
  • The OL Delmar Glaze hype train is slowing down a bit today. He wasn’t as present today as he was yesterday, and I noticed a rep on which he didn’t get his feet set quickly enough to establish a strong base against a speed rush outside. Big L.
  • I’m beginning to really like WR Ryan Flournoy – he’s big, strong, and fast. I thought he showed good concentration at the point of the catch and good start-stop today too.
  • The quarterbacks have been underwhelming this week, but it raised a few eyebrows when Joe Milton fired a laser on a frozen rope into a tight window in the 11 on 11s.
  • Personally, I think every time you lose a rep you should swing a helmet at someone.

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