2024 Senior Bowl Practice Notes, Day 3

Stoney Keeley shares his observations from Day 3 of Senior Bowl practice.

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If you thought last night’s intro was lazy, just wait ’til you get a load of this one. I’m writing this one after three Ghost In the Machines (Zach calls them dishwater beers), and a few Good People IPAs. It’s taking me a long time just to write these words without a typo, so I’m just going to get into it. Shall we?

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National Team

  • No Roman Wilson, Ricky Pearsall, or Jackson Powers-Johnson today. Honestly, they’ve all proven enough this week. No need to risk injury.
  • WR Brenden Rice was out there early getting a few extra reps in with the quarterbacks.
  • I spent the bulk of my time today watching the receivers and defensive backs.
  • Rice and WR Javon Baker both showed smooth, effortless coil in sinking their hips and exploding out of their breaks.
  • Baker runs a hell of a whip route.
  • WR Malachi Corley showed tremendous body control and strength to turn around and catch the outside shoulder throw from QB Bo Nix to score a touchdown.
  • CB Cam Hart has been good and physical this week. He did a nice job of stacking up Baker.
  • I haven’t been singing the praises of S Evan Williams enough this week. He’s currently projected as a Day 3 guy and he would be tremendous value in that spot. He undercut a route and had a tremendous PBU today.
  • CB Max Melton continues a steady week. Yet again, I noticed his patient, disciplined feet at the line of scrimmage.
  • I noticed WR Jacob Cowing having a hard time fighting through contact.
  • I don’t know if I’ve written or talked about him enough this week but RB Dylan Laube has had some nice catches this week.
  • Yet again, RB Kimani Vidal showed out, running a great route and hauling in a nice soft catch vs. LB Cedric Gray.
  • The drop problems continue for WR Tez Walker. It has not been the week you’d hope for for him.
  • Cowing, despite having a bit of a disappointing week, has still flashed some of the things that make him an intriguing prospect. He showed soft hands and good route timing on some of the crossing stuff in the team drills.
  • WR Luke McCaffrey had his best day yet, showing off his speed and his shiftiness at the line of scrimmage.
  • Oregon State S Kitan Oladapo has caught my attention, particularly on a play today where he showed smooth change of direction in zone and quick pursuit to the ball once the throw was made.
  • I jotted down “Sam Hartman wheels alert” a few times during this practice.
  • Brenden Rice Mossed Cam Hart.

American Team

  • This might not be a popular take, but this group of quarterbacks is interesting. Carter Bradley throws a pretty ball. Joe Milton, Michael Pratt, and Spencer Rattler were all showing some things that their scouting reports don’t suggest they particularly excel at. I find that encouraging.
  • This practice was boring as fuck.
  • I thought RB Cody Schrader had a nice day as a pass catcher – he cooked Jackson Sirmon on a couple of reps.
  • TE Ben Sinnott had a solid day, showing off his ability as a good jack-of-all-trades tight end.
  • QB Michael Pratt had a million overthrows today, but fuck it, I still like him.
  • RB Ray Davis has had a rock solid week.
  • I like WR Ryan Flournoy – he had a nice stiff arm at his break that caused separation. Might’ve been OPI, but who knows? He also had a nice inside release on Kris Abrams-Draine to get open, though the ball went elsewhere.
  • CB Elijah Jones caught my eye several times getting his hand into the throwing window.
  • QB Spencer Rattler threw an absolute dime to the pylon that WR Jamari Thrash went up to grab.
  • CB Carlton Johnson continues to flash. His work against WR Jha’Quan Jackson and Thrash has been a lot of fun to watch. A lot of strength vs. strength going on there.
  • CB Andru Phillips is so disciplined in his positioning…at times, it’s like he knows exactly what the receiver is thinking and pops up in the spot they’re going for before they do.
  • WR Ladd McConkey was getting behind coverage and separating easily. I don’t want you guys to think I hate McConkey. He’s good. I just hate the hype he’s getting. Y’all need to hide your boners a bit.

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