I Personally Love Everything About Jameis Winston Opting to Ram It Down Atlanta’s Throat

I support Jameis Winston and the Saints' decision to just casually ram it down the Falcons' throat.

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It’s a day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to get to this story this week regardless. Give me a break. There’s been some heavy shit going down here in Nashville over the course of the last few days. I’ve been just a bit busy. Anyway, we are going to talk about something that seems rather polarizing in the football world this week. And, I’ll start by saying if my team did this, I would be upset, and also that if a team did this to my team, I would also probably be upset. But, as an innocent bystander with no skin in the game, I absolutely love it. Of course, I’m talking about Jameis Winston calling the audible on Dennis Allen, handing the ball off to Jamaal Williams out of victory formation, and ramming it down the throats of the Atlanta Falcons to win the game 48-17.

See! He apologized! Why are we all even mad about this anymore? Would I be mad as hell if I was Dennis Allen? Sure. It wasn’t his decision, and his team directly shit on his orders. I would at the very least ask, “what the fuck, guys?” But, that’s just me. Everyone else needs to move on! And, look – all due respect to my friends who are fans of both of these teams…no one outside of New Orleans and Atlanta is even going to remember this in two months time.

Let’s just enjoy this for what it is – it is pure vitriolic hate for your rival. It is petty. It is your name on the marquee for the Player Hater’s Ball. I love it. I love seeing it. From Arthur Smith blowing up on Allen after the game to Winston nonchalantly pointing out that the score was already 41-17 and asking how much worse 48-17 made it. I love it.

This might not be a popular opinion, but football needs more of this kind of stuff. They don’t call it ‘diet war’ for nothing – it needs less handshakes and more hand grenades like this.

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