Podcast: Having Fun with the Yeti

In case you missed it, check out Rooster and Stoney diving into the legend of the yeti on the latest episode of Phone It In!

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We love doing our festive little episodes on Phone It In each year. Whether it’s the vast unknown of dark matter, the haunting cry of the wendigo, or how sick Mary Shelley was, something about Phone It In and winter just go hand in hand. This year is no different. To close out the 2023 campaign, Rooster and I hopped on the line to dive into the folklore surrounding the yeti. Whether it’s a weird bear or just a freak human being, who knows? But, we had some fun discussing the history of this fabled cryptid, where in the world it originated, and some possible explanations for what it could be.

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Listen to “Ep. 53: The Yeti” on Spreaker.

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