Podcast: Titans Gonna Hire Brian Callahan and Lord Have Mercy I’m Bout to Buuuuust

Stoney hopped on Football & Other F Words with an all-star cast to break down the news that the Titans intend to hire Brian Callahan as head coach.

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Adam Schefter ’bout damn near broke my brain yesterday evening when he tweeted out: “Titans are working to finalize a deal to hire Bengals’ offensive coordinator Brian Callahan as their next head coach, per league sources.” In fact, I had my blue jeans on on my way down the stairs and out to dinner with my lovely wife when the news dropped and Zach hit me up to ask if I could go live for a reaction episode of Football & Other F Words. I had just wrapped up six episodes of Yankee Candle Reviews and was thinking I’d have a nice plate of pad Thai and call it a night. But, no – the universe and Amy Adams Strunk had other plans.

I thought my wife was going to kick my ass for skipping dinner, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If ever there was a worthy occasion for me to get my ass kicked by my wife, it’s to hop on the mics with what was called a “440 dream team” in the comments to dissect the news that the Titans are set to hire Brian Callahan. Immediate reaction? Love it – I was beginning to think that the Titans might miss out on Callahan as more time passed and he began to take second interview requests. But, to that, I’d say we saw the benefit of Strunk saying she didn’t want to drag this thing out and go to the back of the line to interview candidates. Hats off to her – to get my full reaction, smash the play button on that embed below and go subscribe to Football & Other F Words wherever you take in your podcasts.

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