Podcast: Was Elvis Even Really That Hot?

ICYMI: Rooster and Stoney talk about the stranglehold that Elvis Presley had the country in and what a weird dude he was on the latest episode of Phone It In!

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There’s no denying the profound effect that Elvis Presley had on American pop culture. But, if you strip away the mystique, the glitz, and the glamour, do you not think he had a little bit of everyman going for him? That’s one of the important questions that Rooster and I explore on the latest episode of Phone It In. Personally, I don’t think from a physical appearance standpoint that he’s worth taking my panties off and throwing them on stage! Maybe that’s somewhat controversial.

Anyway, we do actually dive into a serious discussion after that about the psychology of our country at the time and how it allowed Elvis to blossom to superstardom. Racist white people were starving for black music, and finally a white boy came along to play it for them. Women were horny, and in a shocking turn of events, a reasonably attractive man that can sing helicoptering his dick on stage did the trick. Elvis was a true cultural phenomenon.

And, of course, since it’s Phone It In, we had to make things a little weird and talk about some of the fun little conspiracies surrounding Elvis’ death. There are quite a few people out there who seriously believe he may still be alive to this day – or at the very least, believe he didn’t die how and when it was initially reported.

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