Podcast: Mysterious Booms in Morristown

In case you missed it, check out Rooster and Stoney talking about some weird ass underground booms on the latest episode of Phone It In!

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It’s turned into somewhat of a running bit on my Twitter account. Ever since my wife and I moved into our house out here in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, I have periodically heard loud booms in the middle of the night. They feel like an earthquake, and one time, they even shook my house as such. Every time it happens, I get a Ring alert from someone nearby asking if anyone else heard it. So, I know I’m not just losing my mind. I mean…I always feel like I’m losing my mind, but this isn’t one of those cases. Police went out and investigated the loud one that shook my house and found that everything looked normal, though I’m not quite sure how one would confirm what the hell happened in that situation.

To this day, it’ll happen, I’ll get a Ring alert, no one knows what the fuck is going on, and then we just kind of go on about our days. Turns out, this weird occurrence isn’t exclusive to Mount Juliet, Tennessee. There was an incident awhile ago out in Morristown that sounds an awful lot like what I experienced. On the latest episode of Phone It In, Rooster and I dig into the story of the mysterious booms in Morristown, and try to draw some type of conclusion about what could possibly be going on.

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Listen to “Ep. 55: Mysterious Booms of Morristown” on Spreaker.

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