Will Levis Dusted Trevor Lawrence’s Ass in Table Tennis Last Night

Will Levis dusted Trevor Lawrence's ass in table tennis last night.

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I was never a five star athlete. Hell, I was barely any sort of athlete. But, I do have a deeply rooted fiery passion for the ping pong. FINALLY! I get to use the “well I played this sport, so therefore, I am an expert on it” argument. Who cares that I’m 37 years old, pushing 290 pounds, and was never even remotely the athlete that these guys are? I’m still going to weigh in with my EXPERT opinion because I am one of the few selected and chosen that can actually understand this sport unlike you pea-brained peasants! Anyway, I’m here this morning to weigh in on this awesome clip of Will Levis putting Trevor Lawrence in the dirt at the table tennis table last.

Shout out to Jim Wyatt for doing the real journalism out in Vegas for the Super Bowl. Not only did we get this sick Will Levis ping pong update, but we also got a Tony Romo that seemed pretty drunk bloviating about Levis and saying really nothing definitive about the guy’s future. All star day for Wyatt.

Titans fans, this is our Super Bowl. This team was dog ass shit in 2023, and while I’m certainly hopeful for the future, I don’t think the team’s going to be much better in 2024. That’s just the state of the roster right now. But, this? This, I can get behind. Our beacon of hope right now out there during Super Bowl week just delivering punishing blow after punishing blow. Surely, this is a sign of things to come. Remember, I am a ping pong expert. I can tell these things by watching this clip and drawing from my vast experience in the sport. To quote the great Mike Herndon: “Titans 1-0 in the AFC South under Brian Callahan.” Let’s take the only win we’re going to get this week and celebrate it.

Editor’s Note: After a week and a half of Senior Bowl coverage, I was just about damn sick and tired of football. You guys have no idea how badly I wanted to write something stupid dumb and mindless. It feels good to be back, baby.

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