I’m Glad We’re Starting to Learn What a Tough Sumbitch Chad Brinker Is

I'm glad we're all starting to learn what a tough sumbitch Titans President of Football Operations Chad Brinker is.

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The last month has been an incredibly turbulent time in the history of the Tennessee Titans. The rumblings of such turbulence go back even further, perhaps even a full year. When Chad Brinker was hired in this organization, fans like me were excited at the possibility of this franchise moving in a more forward-thinking direction. Maybe we didn’t exactly know what Brinker would be tasked with, but his background sure made him seem impressive. Now, if you believe some of the noise that was trickling out of the organization in recent months, there were certain people in the organization who claimed Brinker (and GM Ran Carthon for that matter) weren’t doing anything! Or, maybe nobody in the building knew what Brinker and company were doing. I don’t have sources in the building right now. I can’t confirm or deny that sentiment – I’m just illustrating a point. There was some smoke that Brinker’s role wasn’t exactly defined, and if that was coming from the building, imagine how little us pissants knew about what was going on.

So, for the last several months, Brinker has more or less represented an idea to the fan base. But, after he was promoted to President of Football Operations, it raised some eyebrows. I, for one, thought “oh man…we’re really gonna get into the 21st century, aren’t we?” In a recent press conference, his role and responsibilities were hashed out a little more. The sense we have now is that this department is free to do its damn thing. But, after listening to a recent episode of The OTP on which the OTP gang interviewed Brinker, I’m blown away.

This guy isn’t just a sharp football mind – some of the ideals he mentioned were truly innovative. We’re talkin’ using AI to help predict human performance. This man wanted to know how advancements in technology could be taken from the larger business world and applied to football. This is a guy who clearly wants the Tennessee Titans to be at the forefront of modern football. He’s cutting edge. But, as we continue to learn more about Brinker the man, we’re beginning to learn that this is a true football guy that has a tough-as-nails demeanor about him.

Holy shit. The toughest thing I’ve ever done is get up and finish a backyard wrestling match after I face planted from 10 feet in the air and gave myself another concussion. This man went to the hospital, got stitched up, and tried to get back into the game?!?! Are you kidding me?

There’s gotta be an alternate timeline somewhere in this universe where Brinker gets back into the game and dominates. I need Thanos to get me there because I’m dying to know what would’ve happened. Nonetheless, we gained some major insight into Brinker’s approach to guiding the Titans into the future. It’s awesome to know that he’s the type of guy to lay it all on the line when the chips are down too. That’s some character. That’s a tough sumbitch right there.

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