Nashville Food Truck Reviews: Taste of Aloha

Stoney tries out the spam bowl from Taste of Aloha on this edition of Nashville Food Truck Reviews.

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve reviewed a food truck…since September of 2023, to be exact. That’s one thing I do miss about the covid quarantine. With restaurants closed, we had to get creative for date nights…or, well…really any time we wanted to break up the routine of sitting on the couch all day. It became a veritable ritual in our household to open up the MacBook every morning and see what was popping on BestFoodTrucks and StreetFoodFinder. I was thinking about those days last week on a Wednesday that didn’t have any dinner plans lined up. So, I poked around and saw that Taste of Aloha was going to be over on our side of town. I found their Instagram profile some time ago and after scrolling the feed, knew it was a spot I had to try. Thankfully, the stars aligned last week and I got to cross this one off my list.



Food: 7.89/10 – I had the spam bowl (with an ice cold Dr. Pepper), and while I’d like to try some stuff from the rest of the menu, it’s hard to imagine I’m ever going to veer off course from this thing. It was fantastic. Just from the variation in texture alone, it was a pleasurable experience between the soft, fluffy rice with the crunch of the onion in it. But, the combination of flavors is what really set this dish apart. The spam supplies it with a hefty dose of saltiness, but it’s balanced out nicely by the pineapple chunks that burst with juice in every bite and the tangy sauce (that I can’t remember the name of for the life of me). The onions provide the slightest bit of bite, yet it’s all grounded in the white rice. Without the rice, I’d imagine this would be a pretty powerful, overpowering taste. But, it’s like the flavor from each ingredient spreads throughout the grains and mellows it out a bit. A fine work of craftsmanship, this dish is.

Value: 5.12/10 – Fair is fair. Right down the middle, my spam bowl and my mother’s kid’s menu chicken tenders cost $26. You can’t eat at too many places these days for that amount for two people. It’s certainly not a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru, but I will happily spend that amount for such a quality meal. Very fair given today’s economic climate.

Overall: 6.51/10 – I was ecstatic to find Taste of Aloha after scoping out the Instagram profile months ago and thinking it looked like something I had to try. Food trucks and restaurants don’t always live up to the hype, but I can safely say that Tase of Aloha does. It’s a truck you should definitely seek out.


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