Recommendation: Get F–cked up and Watch Synthwave Nosferatu This Weekend

Recommendation: Get F--cked up and Watch Synthwave Nosferatu This Weekend

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I’ve come a long way as a writer because a few years ago, I would’ve put ‘fucked’ in the headline and not edited it out. Now, as I’ve matured in my older age, I understand how that might appear unbecoming of such a highly esteemed institution of journalism, and I have corrected course. Anyway, I’m here to pass along a recommendation to you that was passed along to me by Brittany Fernandez (go shop at Danger Zone Video). She pointed out that Tubi (Tubi rules) has this line of classic horror films that are synced up with synthwave music as opposed to their original scores. I just saw Nosferatu for the first time last fall, and instantly loved it, recognizing it for the classic it is. But, I also thought its haunting score was one of the biggest draws to it. So, while I was skeptical of how it would play out, when she told me that Nosferatu was apart of this series, I knew I had to watch it.

I put it on in the background several nights ago as I worked tirelessly on serious journalism. It was only fitting for it to start storming as I pressed play. Rain was pelting the window in my office. Lightning illuminated the back yard for a split second. I was pumping my fist at my desk saying, “let’s fucking go.” This felt like an EVENT!

Right away, seeing the neon color palette changing from shades of blue to purple was mesmerizing in contrast to the traditional black and white the film was shot in. By the time we actually see Nosferatu, it had switched to green. A green ass Nosferatu. How trippy. But, the music itself goes so fucking hard. Part of it gave me the same feeling I used to get as a younger man at a show when the band threw a breakdown into a hardcore song. I was thinking, “these could be wrestler entrance themes.” It was a completely surreal experience. For one, we’re not conditioned for silent movies anymore, so there’s something unsettling and unnatural about a film that has no audio other than the score. To take that feeling and practically give it a dose of acid really amplified everything. The transitions between scenes, colors, and songs…it was incredible. It got my heart racing – I’ve never done cocaine, but I bet it feels something like this.

I’m bummed because I looked around online and couldn’t find anywhere to buy this on DVD and add it to my personal film library. That’s disappointing because I’m going to have to revisit this during Spooky Season for sure.

I just put it on to have in the background while I worked on stuff based off of Brittany’s recommendation, but I ended up just sitting here staring at it, entranced. I wasn’t even drunk…just high on life. But, I did ultimately come to the conclusion that one should be as inebriated as safely possible while watching this. I never did shrooms, but I had a bunch of friends that did shrooms when I was in college and I was around them while they did ’em. This seems like the exact type of thing they would’ve loved to be apart of while tripping balls. So, that’s my recommendation – if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, this is it – get fucked up and watch Synthwave Nosferatu!

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